After the Adairsville location of the record store and studio was purchased by the state for a highway project in 2013, there was no longer any place for a recording studio or to work with bands. In the future most recordings I do will be for my own work using the Underground Records label. I am available for sound engineering both live and in-studio. Contact: (404) 954-2708. This is a legacy page.

Record your band live with sound engineer in Adairsville, Georgia

24 Track Hard Disc Recording: Record up to 24 tracks on Alesis HD24 (at 48khz, 96khz available) from 24 channel mixing board, live tracking plus overdubs. Artist keeps hard drive as master. Also available (no hard disc required), direct to disc using Garageband.

$10.00 per hour

Further Specs

I use pretty good, but cheap, microphones, SM57's, SM58's, some Audio Technica mics. I don't have a super condenser mic for vocals, so if you have to have one, bring it. That goes for any other outboard gear you want to use. I don't have alot, a couple of delays, some eq. You're welcome to bring whatever lights up your world.

The jam room is very loud yet generally gives a good sound. The control room is right next to the jam room, and things are very simple as far as insulation and stuff. Mostly, you set up, play, and get it done.

I can either do your project in Garageband which is straight to disc and your master is a CD-r, or you can use the hard drive recorder (HD24) and have a hard disc as your master.

For those going the 24 track route, you'll need to bring you own hard drive mounted in an Alesis HD24 caddy, or if you wish me to supply it, there will be a $100.00 fee. Like I said, you keep the hard drive as your multi-track master (it will need to be used in an Alesis unit if you use it down the road), and I mix down to the G5 and then onto CD as a two-track master. The type of hard drive you will need is: 4" IDE with a minimum of 7200 rpm. A 20 Gig hard disc will give you approximately 90 minutes of 24 track, 24 bit recording time at 48 khz sampling rate. You can get 20 gigs or greater hard drives now for $50 or less, so it pays to bring your own. If you want me to supply the hard drive, you need to let me know a week ahead of time, minimum. Realize, the Alesis formats the discs into ADAT FST, so it is best to use a new disc. I suggest bringing two so I can make you a backup, because hard drives are known to suddenly go bad. For those recording live to the Macintosh G5, no extra hard drives or caddies are necessary.

I must state that my set up is not a fancy state of the art recording facility, it's bare bones. That being said, it's hard to beat for the price-to-performance ratio. If you're prepared, the cost for you to get a great demo or indie release quickly and cheaply is nothing compared to other studios, even if they are "nicer", you will pay many times over, generally, for similar demos. I do the sound engineering on all recordings, but you are welcome to make your own adjustments or use your own engineer.

If you'd like to come record:

Hook up ICQ: 40842434
Tele: 404-954-2708
Or email:

Recording Credits (minus the TW solo stuff):

Theoria - High Energy 1986
Equinox - Equinox, 1987
Wrong Crowd - Wrong Crowd, 1987
Equinox - Pleasureform 1989
The Painkillers, 1990, 1991
No Control - Love & Fear 1990
Rapid Blues Transit, 1990
Slut - Live, 1991
Medicine Man - Tongue & Groove, 1991
No Control - Live, 1991
Winchester Demos, 1992
Tom Jones Band, 1993
Liquored Up - Drenched, 1994
Delights - Stageshow, 1994
Raze - Raze, 1995, 1996
BirdDog - Sniffin', 1998
Crystal Sunshine - In The Dark, 1999
The Feds - Black Bag Job (demo), 1999
Demon Master - Mind Of Silicone, 2000
System X - RetroFusion, 2001
Rag Time - She Don't Wanna, 2002

Plasma - Offusication Remix, 2002
Rebel Messiah - Big Bada Boom, 2003
Shelly Knockas - Double D's, 2003
The Feds - Nuke 'Em, 2003
Bootlegger - 200 Proof, 2004
Commando - Shifty Eyed, 2005
The Cooks - Plastered, 2005
Wiseass - Famous Pranksters, 2005
Sickness - The Virus, 2005
Rootdog - Bone 2005
Task Force - Title III, 2005
Fat Matt - New Crew, 2006
Purp - Kush, 2006
Cameltoe - Scenic View, 2007
Headlock - Dealers & Snitches, 2007
Korruption - The Hood, 2008
Robbin Leeches - Madness Squared, 2008
Camoflage Chamelion - Firendao, 2009
Los Angeles - Revolution, 2012

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