* Individuals are noted as numbers; entitites as base descriptives in this narrative; the reasons for this are for accuracy versus potential mistakes as per actual events, to protect the innocent, and to negate rendering of factual evidence, and statements non-determining due to errors of precision.

Numbers per individuals run as close as possible to the date in which the individuals were first noted working relative to any type of "case" or "investigation" which has been confirmed as in operation relative to myself or others with whom I have been associated with, by the actions and determinations of those engaged in such against me.

At this time, Summer of 2019 we're talking at least 68 individuals and half a dozen government entitites, including their hires and corporations which helped them, numbering an additional half dozen relative, or quasi-operators, taking part. The accusations of specifics as to what actions per each entity, operator, or actor, were carried out have not always been determined with presentable correlations above confirmed physical participation, or use of known devices and methods included in or representive of, actions in this case.

My Aggravated Stalking case began in the late 80's, 1988 was the exact year best I can recall. At that time, long term stalker #1 and her then boyfriend/husband #2 had me come to a restaurant/bar at the end of Powers Ferry Road in Cobb County, opposite an LA Fitness/Gym facility. I was contacted by #1 through the Night Exchange telephone dating service. She met me and we sat at a table on a lower level while #2 observed us from the bar area approximately fifty-75 feet away on an upper level. The restaurant/bar had three tiered internal levels.

During this meeting #1 repeatedly asked me if I could procure any types of drugs for her. This "selling drugs" angle running 30+ years has always struck me as odd, since I have never sold drugs. During our meeting I was asked at least a dozen times by #1 if I could get her drugs. Around the 10th time she asked I told her to quit asking me, in which she replied very loudly "but you're a druggie!" which alerted the entire restaurant to our conversation.

Also during this meeting, #1 claimed to have some pills she reffered to as "downers" and kept asking me if I wanted some. I told her I am not into pills. I did look at the pills and they appeared to be the hormone pills Librium, which I recognized because they were the same exact ones my Mother was taking at the time.

I still lived with my parents at the time. Not sure about the time of the year, but I believe I was 21. I remember I was single at the time and we had met on a dating chat line so I told her I couldn't get her any drugs, but I did have a joint at home if she wanted to go there and indulge. She said yes, and we did.

While out on the backporch making out after indulging, my mother came home and almost caught us. When my mother came out on the back porch, I introduced her to #1. I had to ask #1 her name again since having just met her. I distinctly remember her reply, as does my mother, even now at 89 years old.

Adairsville 1994-2014

When I moved to Adairsville in early 1994 members of the state entity, at least #2 verified, were involved in Operation Crankshaft. I didn't have anything to do with whatever in that case was going on. That thing ran along for years afterwards. I kind of walked into the scene because one of the main characters involved lived right down the highway from me. I also ran my store on 140 the first year or so after I moved in so I saw gangsters on both sides come into the establishment. There was a payphone on the property the investigators and cranksters alike used. I had the damned thing removed because my house was right next to the store and there was traffic all night from both sides using it.

My father was in the store as I closed one evening and #2 and a member of the local entity whom we'll call #4 in The Madness, asked my father, whom both being case workers on the Crankshft I take it for some time by then, I am sure by this time they knew he owned the property, and of course who I was (go back up top of this page or to the beginning of this zine if your following along and comprehension skills are lacking), they asked him if they could use the phone in observation and use in "watching some folks".

Now this wasn't the first time they had came in and asked. Both times I witnessed my father told them yes. A few days later, when an operative came in to buy a soda and some beef jerkey and I was helping my Father I told him at this point, in 1994, with me having moved in next door that I didn't want the damned thing, that spy phone I'd seen middle of the night techs messing with it, on the property anyways, it had been in the parking lot near the store which made it it a security risk, fuck all the traffic, and I didn't know nor care about the scene they were using this phone and our property for. He just looked crazy and walked out the door.

The night they had asked the second time, I almost said something to #2 who I remembered from the late 80's if he'd been in any bars at Powers Ferry and Delk Road lately, not realizing as a State Entity he covered a lot of ground. Didn't know shit or was involved with what they had going on up here, same as down there in Marietta on the dope sellin' scene.

But the 'ol man gave them permission to use the phone so it got put back up by the phone company, this time they installed the thing on the damned porch of the store. I ran both the tweekers using it and hang arounds in the parking lot off until I moved to California almost two years later.

At one point I got really tired of it and walked upon two people, I guess, they had been out observing the phone for well over an hour, sitting on the side of the store where I couldn't from the house see wtf they were doing. One I recognoized as a police officer at that time, the other one no, but I seen him around often (the guy's name was Freddy, a local hood, he is dead now), they were smoking a joint I walked up to the passenger window and told them to get the fuck out of there.

After this incident, the next day in the store I had someone who'd I see quite a few times, Slim I called him, #6, came in and asked me about myself, my company, what I did overall, in a chatty kinda customer way. Think he bought a candy bar and a drink. Daily, almost I'd see Slim cruising up and down 140. Don't know where he lived or who he was, but one day on the porch another local customer told me the individual was a local law dog.

Really? I said. The guy who told me this ended up being a snitch, and that day he said, "yeah they're interested in what you're all about."

Yeah? I responded. Who told you this? I asked him. Heard it through the grapevine he said.

Tell your grapevine to go fuck off I said.

I wasn't invovled in their operation or the "scene" whatever it was at the time. I didn't appreciate some ratty ass character saying some shit like that to me, six months or so after I move somewhere. Fuck that bullshit. We're still within the first decade at this point. Guess I didn't make a good first impression, or second, or third, or WTF ever it was five or six later from when I remember meeting some of these characters to start with.

Until I left Adairsville for California after living in Aville about 14 or 15 months I'd hear more than once from locals, neighbors and customers folks were interested why I moved to Adairsville and the possibility I was involved with selling "drugs".

Thought it was weird then, knowing now at this time, with operatives following individuals they were investigating around locally, whom many times came into the store, but I not knowing what they were "doing" nor caring, but noticing they were being followed on foot and by aircraft, the state and local entities, perhaps the national at this time, though unconfimed, were becoming more interested in "me". The local and state entities have been confirmed by mutiple statements and at least one affidavit as to definitely "interested" in myself and why I suddenly showed up here and what I did for "work".

Why, not sure. Like I said not into whatever was going on in Aville, Cobb Co either, and can't remember knowing much above face value anyone interested in whatever was happening, and as far as drugs, never sold them or was involved in trafficking; and at the time of the mid 90's living in Aville wasn't doing the local powders supposedly, obviously, the main focus of this "operation".

Damned sure didn't need to get me invovled with innuendo and hearsay. After a few months of hearing small town bullshit, didn't take me long to be tired of it.

I moved to California after a couple years of this. Had some weird stalking shit happened out there, RELATED to Georgia, confronted people, and about cut someone one time who was following me into Guitar Center near Eddie Van Halen's house. Seen the same person AFTER I came back to Georgia a little over a year later.

Yet let's not get too far ahead of ourselves with all evidence I can present at this time being JUST my recollections. California is pretty much a full movie on it's own. But, people who were following me out there definitely were doing an interstate investigation, multi-faceted it seems, at least according to the guy I almost killed in Guitar Center.

Now granted living in LA where I moved to find band members because NW GA was ziltch, and because the pigheaded stuff locally, which looking back definitely seems to be a secondary core of the beginnings of The Madness; I came to know all sorts in the short two years or so I lived there in the mid-90's. Some extreme characters as I've known everywhere I've lived. Yet.

Again I wasn't invovled in "crime" living in LA I was trying to put a rock n roll band together. Whatever "partying" I did there was as anywhere at anytime; getting high is not the same as selling drugs or being so deep in the scene you can follow me around for long periods of time and get real "dealers". At least not at the levels this case shows it being done, for decades.

My intentions were to stay away from Georgia's crazy shot out bullshit, and sociopathic, paranoid, bullying people. When I returned home to visit my parents and son in the late 90's, my intentions were to stay long enough to save up enough money so I wouldn't end up back on the streets, maybe put a band together or get some players, get a proper touring vehicle, and get the hell outta Georgia. You can't rely on what you "hear", especially from people who are not known to be honest or truthful, like snitches and government scum. But I will say I was told by a well known snitch in 1997, early after I'd moved back from California, that, though he wasn't sure, the "reason" some cats are casin' me in Cali probably had to do with the fact that not long after I'd departed Aville for LA, Operation Crashpad, er, Crankshaft, had wound up and bunch folks got arrested and temporarily they'd stopped the dope flow.

Snitch said G's though I'd moved out there to take over the scene because they "thought" when i was running the record store here in 95 I was frontin' for a dope scene.

The same story from the snitch was later confirmed by a good friend of mine, who worked at the City Of Adairsville at the time he was told, by a local detective whose father lived across the street from the store, that my entire "enterprise" was about "dope". His words and terms exactly. What enterprise (Underground records? My record store? My made miserable life?) and what kind of "dope" he was talking about not so sure (all this is crazy, so god damned crazy), but decades later I would attempt to find out after 30+ years of abuse.

This would not be the LAST time I'd hear such far out nonsense about "me" from others. Oh hell no, not by a long shot.

Remember, it's not even the new millenium as of yet.

Let's go balls deep into The Madness shall we?.....

The Underground

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