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In case you didn't catch it over there, a short redux:

What is being described is the use of a type of electromagnetic weapon, more than one type of radio weapon in fact; the same or very similar to the ones used on those people in Cuba and China.

To start with, in these type incidents you're alone without third and fourth party testimonies. Without multiple parties, you describe and talk about what I am in that blog post and what those people are describing in those videos, you, the individual are loonie tunes to people who are ignorant about these things.

People claiming these types of things, especially without "evidence", even including but not just with multiple testimonies, have a strong current against them trying to prove their case. Even if you work for the government.

Even small or large numbers of people giving desciptions can be challenged as being "delusional", "mental". Especially by ignorant people, or even highly educated, experienced individuals not able to look at reality subjectively versus objectively.

As in all descriptions of observations, it not only helps but is necessary to first prove something occured unrelated to a single individual's perspective. Despite the small number of people who have chose to give testimony at this time, in actuality over the decade this has went on I have many and all kinds of witnesses to these type of weapons being used at locations where we were at.

Upwards of 100.

It's not been an obsession of mine to get everyone's "story", even for a long time to "document everything"; my mistake and my bad; and most scared and confused "normal people" would never go on record anyways honestly, and even more, years later, are now in places I have no idea where to start to find. For most of modern history these types of attacks to the general public were strange tales of science fiction and not right minds. Until basically the international incidents you read about began coming in.

Unless of course, you were one of the pioneeers creating and or using these types of weapons. Then my story, and those of the diplomats in Cuba and China, don't sound strange at all. These "types" of weapons are not new. The applications and implementations of some of the types are today with microwave communications being ubiquitious. But we'll get into that more as we go along.

Obviously in my case and those of some others, it's been going on a long time. Way before then, before we started hearing about diplomats, American workers in foreign places, State Department Task Forces looking into it for the safety of "Americans". We ARE talking about the same type of weapons.

The same ones applied against me. These types of attacks destroy your life. The amount of long lasting damage is determined by both intensity and length of exposure time.

But wait. There is much, much more here in the investigations into this SHADOW. A HELLUVA LOT MORE.

This isn't Cuba nor China though.

This going on here inside your country, if you are living in the USA, by persons trained, supplied, and supported by an international, federal, state and local series of "entities". 10 years "PLUS" I put up with such and similar bullshit.

OVER 30 YEARS I have been putting up with a whole lot more. As strange and sick as the electromagnetic weaponry side of what I am telling you about in here, the depth, width and layers of my story are so incredibly ridiculous and downright criminally insane, if I personally had not lived through it, I'd find it slightly hard to fanthom such could run on so wide open so long, even KNOWING the electromagnetic weaponry side. It's simply unbelieveable and absolutely completely mad.

That's why it is called THE MADNESS. Yet as we get into "that" in addition to "this", let's talk about this electromagnetic weaponry stuff just a tad more, but much more more. You can take up years of your time investigating related stuff, and still not have in all instances VERIFIABLE PROOF.

That's not so in "my case". The actions and evidence gathered by others, as well as myself can and will prove my "case" concerning electromagnetic weaponry, AND ALL this.

Except there are a few major problems.

One, and this is a huge one apart from all the rest, these real weapons and the related nonfictional programs plus additionally some of the other "pogrom type destruction of undesireables" and "tools" verified involved are part of this nations weaponry and population controls arsenal.

Electromagnetic weaponry and oppressive, invasive techniques involving technology are important to the military defense industries. We are taught to go above respecting those industries, we are conditioned to accept it's virtues, over look it's mistakes. Thank it.

Fear it. The madness is all about fear. Fear I'm getting away with something I need to be punished for, and what appears based on their actions, to be fear on the part of those doing it that somehow, miraculously seems to me, focus will come down on them, and what has been going on, for a long, long time, will not only be found out, but punishment dealt.

Much as they love to run over and destroy your life, socio/psychopaths often are terrified of being found out, of losing their control. Not just over their victims, but of the situation as a whole. Instead of heros, they start to look like major zeroes. I can almost guarantee you, few if any of these people have been in real trouble for things they've done before. They are used to praise, of winning, of being perceived as "the good guys".

Whatever goes on in sick minds, like I said, I can't say. Yet I've lived long enough and been through enough experences to know, sociopathic abusers are some of the worst kinds of obsessive paranoids. They can not, and will not, stop.

Now I can't say who does it outside like in Cuber N Chiner, but you've got a problem here with it beyond passive and interactive radio monitors, as in AMERICA and MUCH MORE....but you're not supposed to know this. That a deep dark state rules your hearts and minds.

So listen to this. From an American.

Then come back and let's go to school on whooty who.

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