Soon, we will return to some unfinished business. Aggravated Stalking is a serious crime.

Then too I've talked about it enough. Though the fucked up for the wealthy only US Justice system offers no real remedies to that situation, Ours Does. Make your peace or it will be made for you, your terms notwithstanding.

So, with that being said, let us move on.......

I have been disabled for the better part of a decade. In the next issue, #75, the US process for being granted SSI, Supplemental Security Income, will be looked at in-depth, especially from my experience. I don't have SSI and won't be granted it because of the arcane, criminal overtone of the SSI system. SSI is very different from SSD, AKA Social Security Disability, or SSDI. The difference is a well read online but the basics are that SSD is based on your earnings since you began working and paying Social Security taxes. SSI may take that into consideration, yet it's not based on the amount of social security taxes you paid over the course of your working career. Granted I "may" be able to get SSI using a lawyer, but we'll see. I have little to no faith in these institutions, so far I have not seen anything to make me think any different.

Without some kind of help with dealing with disability, one will quickly find themselves in a world of hurt. While if I'd made better decisons in the past I may not be as disabled or as broke, yet at this point that is rather irrelevant. So Issue 75 of The Underground Sound will focus on the SSI debacle, much as I'd like to not to. Many people have no idea how messed up it is though. I have had a couple of peope who always used to say only sorry people are on disability. And a few more with long covid now wondering how much longer they'll be able to work. I tell them all welcome to the club. I don't know if any of those people will qualify for SSD, one maybe he has owned his own business a long while and paid a lot in taxes. SSD is much, much easier to get than SSI; the other people once gung ho now disabled have found out they don't qualify for it and are like WTF is this SSI thing so fucked up? Ain't it though I tell them. Be prepared for some serious bullshit and to be denied, over, and over and over. We all live in a redneck state which did not expand medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, because hey that's Obamacare and fuck the liberals. Nah, just means fuck yourself, you won't be able to use medicaid unless you get disability or get old here in good 'ool jawja. Like I said lots of folks are finding this out the hard way. I've known it for a long, long time. More to come next onwards to page 4!

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