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GODWATT "L'Ultimo Sole"
Available from 29th February 2016 on Cd, white Lp (100 copies), black Lp (150 copies). Doom, heavy and dark with stoner influences.
"Memoria" videoclip available
MEMENTO WALTZ "Antithesis of Time"
Available from 7th March 2016 on vinyl : 100 copies white Lp, 150 copies black Lp.
Progressive Metal for fans of Spiral Architect, Cynic, Watchtower. Cd edition already available.
MEMENTO WALTZ - "Division  by Zero"
Available from 7th March 2016 on vinyl : 100 copies blue Lp, 150 copies black Lp.
Absolutely a must-have of progressive metal with excellent reviews worldwide. Cd edition already available.
"Omicron" videoclip available
DISTRUZIONE - "Endogena"
Available from 12nd March 2016 on Cd, blue Lp (100 copies), black Lp (150 copies).
Originally released in 1996 (now impossible to find). Absolutely a cult album for all thrash-death maniacs consecrated Distruzione as one of the best extreme underground bands of '90s. Completely remastered and available again on Cd and for the very first time on vinyl.

WITCHWOOD "Litanies from the Woods"
Jolly Roger's best-seller in 2015. Double vinyl sold out in few months, now available again on Cd, after first print run out. Excellent reviews worldwide thanks to a sound moving from hard rock to rock, prog, blues, southern rock. Strongly suggested for fans of Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, Kansas, Deep Purple.

Antithesis of Time - CD
6,00 EUR
Division By Zero - CD
6,50 EUR
Flames of Black Fire - CD
6,50 EUR
Chapter IV - CD
6,50 EUR
Distruzione - CD
6,50 EUR
Steal the Fire - CD, LP
6,50 / 9,00 EUR

Age of Supremacy - CD
6,50 EUR
As We Dive... - CD, LP
6,00 / 8,00 EUR
Strana Officina - CD
8,00 EUR
Rock N Roll Pris. - CD
8,00 EUR

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Sliptrick Records: Founded in 2007 by a group of music & entertainment business professionals as a debuting artists incubator, right now it comprises an array of businesses aimed at helping artists achieve long-term creative and financial success while providing consumers with the highest-quality music content available. Most successful titles of the label include Scandinavian, European, Russian, North American and Mexican bands such as Black Oil, Denied, Thell Barrio, Gory Blister, Witches of Doom, Carnal Agony and more. Sliptrick records is a multi-national indie operation whose main headquarters are in Europe, Japan and USA along with forward operating basis focusing on specific markets with a roster of musicians ranging from rock'n'roll and blues to extreme metal.
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SLP014089 / 3610152204996

V-anger - In Shovel WeTrust V-anger - In Shovel We Trust (CD)
SLP014103 / 3610159048999
Carnal Agony - PreludesAnd Nocturnes Carnal Agony - Preludes And Nocturnes (CD)
SLP014106 / 3610159252068

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Appalachin, country fried with a shot of old crow. Cut with a dose of homemade gin made fresh from the cedar junipers out yonder in the pasture. Strangely reminescent of Alison and Robert's tango many years ago, there's still enough retro romance in this barn dance to keep you smiliin'. My favorite is Number One With a Bullet, it's got classic tar paper shack street cred. I also heard the wild cats yellin' earlier down in the holler just a notch up over from the fresh cut fields where the Velveteen Matador does the meltdown, all steel slides wailing that lonely cry. Memory Vendor has that goin on too, in case you needed some black in your coffee. Down Will Come Baby is the classic here, or I should say one of them. Lettin' you know, the duet still lives, with them modern days cooks whippin' up another wicked batch you remember so well. Ah, to sit a spell, just thinkin' about it. Chills. Contact:

Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers
Ugly Mobile
Dirty Water Records has become the home of all things retro-garage-surf-a-billy these past few years. Every so often they put out gems of era specific musings by current and classic acts. Some fo teh currents classics simply 'cause they've been doing it for a while. Every so foten you get stuff like this Hipbone Slim & the Kneetremblers. It's just plain good, easy listen and catchy enough to make you remember a few of the tunes and give a nod to the overall quality of these 14 songs. Fine music for parties, picnics and make out sessions. A few of the numbers could be classics from the earliest era of rock n roll. Voodoo Love is definitely one, and what has to be the best remake of Heiroglyphic take you back to those years. You can throw different songs here into American Graffitti, (travolta movie), Forrest Gump and any of those type things and swear these cuts were the originals. Pretty much, that's a good thing. Whatever you want, you'll find something here you realize you'll need, sometime. Contact:

Waco Brothers
Going Down In History
Appealing album of familiar numbers, containing lyrical themes you may know. That doesn't make it a bad listen, in fact a time or two it can catch your attention and it actually gets warmed up hittin' on all cylinders. With the push well into alterna-country crossed into rockabilly skittle bands of all shapes and sizes, the Waco Brothers have stood out for a while. They've notched another working man's perspective to all things stone grain fed and homegrown; addin this time around their usual tasteful bits of rock n roll. There's a touch of old time three piece numbers (Building Our Own Prison) touching on the wonders of the current, and everlasting it seems, state of things. Throughout this album the Waco's show they ARE awake, and partying down till the big bell rings in the sky and we all face the massive hangover for our willful ignorance. I'm jamming along, and this old tune UFO did way back, like 40-some years ago, and I'm not sure if they did a remake of someone else's tune at that time, but damn the Waco Brothers do a fantastic job on "All Or Nothing", gaining respect from a old timer who remembers those days when it was everything you got or get the fuck out. Good memories, good times! Good times, and a bit of the lorry, stand thick and tall throughout. I can count at least half the numbers containing the what-the-fuck let's drink, fight and rally again calls to action. Wherever you're at, those are good ideas. Odds are, things WILL get sentimental. Luckily, the Waco Brothers spare us the tear jerkers, and instead award us w/ a little Moon, Keith that is. "Lucky Fool" so be it! That calls for another round, and the Wac Brothers oblige, pouring up "Going Down In History", which is, of course, what ails ya - "Come into something drastic", as if you'd never been there before! There is a time or two, that the Brothers call upon that sinister specter of late 80's hoedowns. Thankfully, they end it all with "Orphan Song" which let's cha know, "it's gonna be all right"! Indeed! Let's build a fire and drink some cold ones! Contact: BLOODSHOT RECORDS -

Fever Dreams
Solid set of punk powered rock built on guitar punch, rythmic groove and the vocals of Jenny Don't. Having the name of the band considers her a trademark and she delivers consistently thoughout. A fluid, moving mix render Jenny & Dan Lowinger's guitar lines almost as an after thought, but as much as anything else they assign color and texture to the overall mix. Tight and in the pocket bass by David Minick, working man drums by Sam Henry create a sectional undertow which both supports and propels the entire group forward. This album contains little to no filler, pumped clean with enough sonic virtuosity to mix oil & gasoline and ignite the whole thing. Just when yoou think you are in neutral, you gear down and step on the pedal. Song's like the title cut, 89, Chase Is Better, and You Keep Cutting Through are top notch. A few numbers recall punk popsters of the past, some Ramones style phrasings on I Could Never Be The Same, some Stooges here and there, Blondie all the way through. Even then should Don't do it a time or two, they do it right. Contact: Rockstar Records

Sometimes the Daves and whomever is the working crew tries new stuff, sometimes it works, usually that is the case, sometimes it does not. As a whole, Megadeth full lengths have been a mixed bag for a while. Luckily, everything almost, seems to work on Dystopia. For starters, after you can get past the mediocre that for whatever reasons was picked as a first single, the next number, the title song, begins the program which represents a truly respectable album as a whole. Mustane's voice, no longer the snarling demon of youth, has to try harder to sing a bit more these days on the road, here in the studio though, is hacked enough to be at most of the sweet spots most of the time. Guitars blazing, again starting with the title cut, blast throughout this record, and the band manages to funk it up a bit; those things which started back in the Gar Samuelson era and on the better 'deth, the jazz shows up quite often. This shows possible thinking about what you're writing as you jam. If indeed it shows effort than sometimes the ticket to just riff it, heavy borrowing from all kinds of heavy metal tuneage, at this point in most long lasting careers, which Megadeth has had one of, it means trying instead of gliding as many war dogs in rock n roll tend to do if they put out albums quite often. Such is the case on the bonus "Make Me Hate You" and "Post American World". Familiar coverings containing riffage from days gone by. "Make Me Hate You" though has a smoking ass lead section. They could have replaced one of the weaker 2-3 that is on the album, with this "bonus" track. It's not tit-for-tat though. Even in familiar territory, Megadeth turn in some wickedness. The acoustic and lead instrumental "Conquer Or Die!" is classic conjurement. Finding Dave calling up the spirits once again. This sets the scene for the barn burning "Lying In State", again in the territory of political corruption and the declination of civilization, standard Megadeth themes for most of the last 20 or so years. Here they do it well, and another kick ass arrangements displays power and principle very well. "Poisonous Shadows" also has some of this dark feel, set over the delusional paranoid scheme those who are the hunted know oh too well. Good 'ol creepy Dave Mustaine at his best! "Last Dying Wish" greets you with a beginning not so much in spoken word, just Dave admonishing you, which he does throughout. Coating a simple song structure with adhesion until the big cranked lead can fly around a bit. Another album Megadeth gives us with lots of good to great lead guitar work. If you can count on anything from Megadeth, you'll get some jamming. It's one of those things that has not changed, and let us pray, it never will. Affiliates Catalogs -

Litanies from the Woods
Not the pagans you'd expect, though somewhere in there is plenty of good 'ol Mother Earth. They bring out stone cold psychedelic blues transcending into the space child stomp soon as they open up with Liar. It's easy to see why this album has become popular, not that it has just one or two good songs, the entire trip is like a memory of how times used to be. A retrospective kinda vibe. Reams of timeless sound shapes reminding you of the glory days of sabbathian ritual, sweet leaf packed tight included. Like all who partake of the magic, remember; once you have been there, you can never go back. Even when "the hippie sound" gets repungent, you can wash yourself clean with the image of the mighty tull tempting your mind. Pack another one, they're going long and deep on Shade of Grey. The Grateful Dead, this is not. And the witches dance.... Contact: Jolly Roger

I first heard Karybdis on the War For Land EP in 2010. I was blown away. This, their third public outing album wise, finds the band maturing into a powerhouse metal outfit. Since that first EP, the band has not changed their sound so much as evolved. The songs are sometimes better arranged, though I liked the loose fitting at the beginning as well. Now there are more "classic" metal vicings apparent, perhaps not so much underground as before; yet surely representative of a band who aren't on their first rodeo.

Ultra cool slippage into dark corners, where the mind hides and the senses come alive. Like strangling a big rattler in a slow mo dream scape. Virtual trippage man. The music transports you via vibe to feelings which pose as places, and visions which show as faces. It's not all hippy dippy either. A time or two the cats throw some molasses in on the lowdown. Your dose of sludge is now complete! Plenty of tributes to metal royalty infused with personal salutations, melodic pathways invoking spiritual cries; warriors preparing for battle. More than an enjoyable listen, this album saunters close to perverse reflections. Like lookig into a gazing pool while peering from another dimension. Kinda like when you first awoke to find, things just aren't as they pretend to be, and the bullshit is wiped away, revealing fields of weathered soulds, waking to eb set free. Fly free, fly free. Contact: Jolly Roger

Harry Violet and the Sharks
This single b/w Dance At The Korova is like spooky time @ high tide in the desert wastelands. Dance At The Korova struts, primps, dips and grooves. Both make you wanna dance. Half the battle is won right there. Strong, rich, n heavy. Kegger @ The Munsters. Contact:

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