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Reviews by West
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Maggie Bjorklund - Missing at Sea

Wonderful work from Maggie B. on the first single off her album Shaken. It's very haunting, with a strong spactial quality and a biting lick from Maggie. It's beautiful, majestic, ethereal and then it's like a memory from a dream. Not much transitionally happens in the ' song it just entrances you with a layered drone that breathes in and out.

Check it out and more about Maggie and her collaborations @

Also on that page watch the excellent version of Anchor Song by Maggie with Rachel Flotard


The Dustaphonics - Big Smoke London Town

On my folder listing the first track is a torch song, but folder order shows this as the last that. Right out of the gate you got three shuffle billie barn burners & a surfin wipe out. Heart of pure rock n roll this is, groovin & movin' to a huge beat makin' tracks. The high kick of southern bred-style rockabilly reigns strong on "Ride On Louisiana Red". In fact the whole album rocks a long strong with tons of coiled energy. It's like some kinda shit is gonna break out at any moment. Throughout the bass moves, the riffs punch with a clean growl propelled by 4-on the floor lock steps. It's great party music!

Sing outs and boogie beats flavored out with some stripped down rave ups (yep, it can be done) plus a chill down to basics finish out this excellent album. It'll be in rotation for a while. Big Smoke London Town smells like a massive hoot down!

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Fangtooth - As We Dive Into The Dark

Deep, dark, and disturbing. As if your eyes have been laid out upon the hot rock and left to cook. You can hear your mind sizzling as the big lizard stomp begins the dance around the fire, with stabbing lament of loss so clear and forebearing. From the start you're going ot a funeral (Funeral in December) and straight into the dungeon on the next one (Of Flesh And Bolts). Plenty of heavy riffage on this album going from quick to lumbering within a measure or two of one another. Mass amountf of minor key stuff to keep the purists happy.

A spot or two they touch on space jams, they weave it when while stretching out the majestic power chord on Scylla. Never is the charging rhino of the doubled kicked big riff far behind though, as they prove by the following The Wild Hunt. Over all, this album is a fine tribute to their Sabbathian masters and a solid listen.

Contact: JOLLY ROGER @

The Underground from Todd West on Myspace.

I Miti Eterni - Historia_Cumae

Dramatic Italian operatic blend of heavy progressive rock. Some actual work on the arrangements here, which is nice to hear the work effort pay off. Strong melodies and lead underpin for the most part modal pieces, bordering gothic, but everywhere are modern metal workings. The lead on CUMA 1 is fantastic, just enough loose vs complimenting the main movement to be effective.

In my ignorance of italian I can't give you a clue what the lyrics are about. They are phrased well and sung strongly, so it really does not matter. It is good vocally, sang professionally. Who needs more? A time or two the music is strong traditional metal, Cuma 2 is a stomp through the heavy, riding the big stroke. Makes you want to toast the ale!

Legend Of Appollo rocks pretty hard too. With a blast beat section and the ever present master guitar work of Bruno Masulli. It is an epic cut. Honestly, this is an epic album. Contact: Jolly Roger -


The Arrogants - Introducing......

Mix of mod, surf, rockabilly & rumble. Mid tones are prominent, things groove just on the edge of control. That includes the sonic refractions. Reminds me of doing acid at a keg party at Sundown At The Oasis early 80's when Paul Revere and the Raiders played. Great party music for some hot go-go dancin'. I really dig "It's An Experience", some pure mid-60's garage, it sounds great! Contact: Dirty Waters Records @