I initially hobbled together this zine on a tablet. Right now the only working computer I have which is not corrupted, I have never taken out of the box. For many reasons. I already have 20+ devices to do computer forensics on to determine the damage and corruption, implementation of malware, setting up of hidden and password protected partitions, remote administration; "hacking" generally, which not only made those devices insecure, but also produced an environment of close-in surveillance which doctored eavesdropping and observation methods not reliant upon computers and networked devices. Here is a list and pictures of the devices I have remaining to do complete forensics on in this zine.

Now, in addition to the first paragraph on this page, let's go deep into WTF has been going on in ADDITION to the use of electromagnetic weaponry, which will be touched on numerous times again, here on out.

When I discovered my house had for sure been invaded by Spring of 2018, I made sure I had images of the drives and memory of most of the devices before I said anything online. As sloppy and pitiful as my coming out methods about the whole situation may have been. I knew to have recall availability of the held data on the machines before I said a peep about it publically.

After I mentioned via the internet that I knew I had eavesdropping equipment inside my house and my machines were all compromised, I disconnected what was wired up and took them somewhere else to, among other things, take them apart and tear a few apart I had been monitoring in leau of a press conference. After watching computers and devices being accessed for nefarious purposes, without resources for proper legal procedure, at the time I thought it was the best thing to do.

Having been the victim of illegal computer and device hacking, for years.

But hell as you'll see it's much more than that. Laughed at (tin foil hatters, crazies, schizos), stupid make-fun-of's when you are dealing with actual, factual, true "gangstalking", like black holes for so long, till you see it, only people who are dedicated in studying it, experienced it first hand, know or give a flying fuck about it, would even have a clue.

Even then to many, both, mine and similar which happened to the diplomats in Cuba and China are still science fiction, who cares, yeah right, stuff. As well as what you will read about going forward, which EVEN with many people now fully aware of the reality of electromagnetic weapons, what they hear from here on in this publication will be considered, cognitive disassociation or otherwise, pure nonsense. Not factual, could not happen, no way in GD hell.

I don't have that opportunity to be ignorant, naive, second guessing or in denial. While not having all the answers I can say, and have been saying for a very long time now; people in doubt need to HAVE ALL have these experiences described herein, then when you laugh and deny your own personal experiences with stuff like this type of full blown stalking, people will be correct to call you a fool.

Reading at this point you're beginning to understand there was much more than use of electromagnetic weaponry the focus of the pages of this zine up until this one. So much more. Prepare yourselves to take it in. There is so much, it is beyond overwhelming.

Back to all this computer hacking and network monitoring. It's quite a mess and has cost me money I don't have. Ruined, delayed and destroyed YEARS worth of all kinds of work - music recordings, many albums worth, literature I write, scientific ideas I need the freedom of privacy to use machines in the quest of without having all the shit blatantly stole & corrupted; be able to have a personal conversation, or an intimate one, or a public one, use these devices as Free People would normally....I could go on.....and on.....and on.....

Yet as you read you'll begin to undertstand that's all, for lack of a better description, part of some weird shot out "plan", which seems to unravel all on it's own without narration.

Indeed there is Conspiracy here, criminal conspiracy, disguised and played as best can be as the rabbit hole internet variety. No, this is the real world variety known as THE SNAKE HOLE, where the craziness is real, not so much made up in one or more minds over world wide web time.

I have had data, and serious work, especially my music recordings, ruined by corrupted devices for 20 years now. I did not realize how BAD it was until I started doing forensics on these devices in 2018. After looking back into computers messed up since 2000 at least show varied signs of tampering. While I am only on the 7th device, of the over 20 to do, it is not just plain and obvious, but definitely true that there has been a concerted effort, efforts, for a LONG time, to destroy, compromise, and control, whatever data was on and projects I was working on through computer hacking.

Remember first page when I said before you begin watch listen and learn about this subject before you go on? Now talking about corrupting, hacking, and ruining computers is another criminal undertaking I am talking about and is linked to the investigation of Shadow, which is your deep, dark state government. Shadow in turns breeds The Madness.

While maybe not perceptibly as serious as blasting my ass with electromagnetic weapons for a decade, destroying my machines, not just searching the things and polling them looking for evidence of crimes, which is probably the criminals outward excuse for doing all this crazy shit; but making it to where nothing I have on any device is secure, and destroying my work on my music, oh yeah, not attempted murder like the stuff on the first page, but so incredibly fucking serious there really are no kind or understanding words for it.

Much, much, much more serious are these crimes against me than anything I have ever done or thought about doing to even start to find a hope somehow it was necessary, needed, or legal. You do this shit, for so long and escalate it to the point of madness as you read about in here, you have ruined yourself and removed any integrity of not only each individual involved, but the entire support structure and systems allowing and helping this to go down.

We have a national, state, local and even international plus civilian series of entities involved in this.

To start to even attempt to understand it, we must start at the beginning. Review of that does indeed spell out at least plausible theories as to why'd there even be far more than coincidences, theories, and half tales. Still, those things are no excuses, whatsoever, for The Madness.

So in the beginning....

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