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THE BOVINIANS.............2019

Taking 10 generations to make the trip, bovine type mammals from the edges of the galaxy follow radio signals they have been intercepting for hundreds of years towards Planet Earth. Settling a couple of planets and outposts along the way, the Bovinians have progressed to a very intelligent, powerful space fairing species who have mastered long term space travel. Knowing radio broadcasts only come from at the least a semi-advanced civilization they are traveling to the area their technology has told them the radio broadcasts eminate from.

As they get close and can observe Planet Earth from afar, they find out there bovines are slaughtered and raised as farm animals. They vow revenge upon the humans.

DADDY'S BOY..............2017

Story about an elderly dog who lives with his middle-aged male master. They enjoy happy times together with the film showing a caring bond built on years together. When his master dies of a heart attack the dog spends a few days alone staying near and protecting the corpse. When others come to check on the man, they are presented with the dog not willing to stay far from the body. They try to hand the dog off to a brother but he dog will have none of it and runs. The majority of the film is the dog surviving coyote attacks out in the country, a rattlesnake, and almost being hit by a tractor trailer out on the highway. With the dog following an unknown sent, he makes it into the city where he survives being shot at and escaping the dog catcher. At the end of the film the dog makes it t a suburban home where he is taken in my his master's son. One of the last scenes they visit the cemetery where the dog's master is buried and at grave stite the dog lets out a mournful howl. Another one of the final scenes is the dog visiting the cemetery on his own and barking when the brother and his wife and young son are watching family movies and the dog's master is shown. Final scene is a panning shot of the master's headstone with a smaller headstone beside it in the shape of a bone with the dog's name on it.

REIGN OF DARKNESS..............2015

Using a variety of psychotronic applications, including mass media propaganda, electromagnetic applications, and social management processes, those in control have the sheeple population under almost total control. They require registration and official numbers to work, retain assets and live peacefully. Officials have implemented both clandestine and public chipping programs for further population control using guises promising advanced computing opportunities. The powers that be have also developed entities not reliant upon physicality and have began to master holographic programming. These controlling tyrants are known unofficially as The Beast; which when ever the subject somehow comes up they mock such as being ancient religious superstitions devoid of "scientific reality".

Those who oppose these types of oppressions are known as The Underground and they have advanced clandestine technologies, as well as open channels to extraterrestial societies who refuse to interact or be known to The Beast. The Underground also has access to and uses multi-dimensional electromagnetic beings which The Beast presents to its followers as witchcraft and worship of demons. The scene is set for a series of massive showdowns.

This script and music has also been prepared for a television series.


Space travelers come upon human outposts on the Moon, Mars and a few space stations where no one has been left alive. Upon searching computer databases remaining at the outposts the travelers find out that an asteroid had struck the Earth many decades before, stranding those manning the outposts who finally ran out of supplies a few decades after the disaster. Some from the Moon base had made it back to the planet, where the remaining population is now engaged in a war between the survivors of the disaster. The script deals with the travelers attempting to diffuse the war, which they get sucked into. This script is a follow-up companion to my Lunaris script, which would be about the actual disaster itself.

THE SECOND COMING..............2008

An advanced interstellar civilization finds humankind while searching the heavens. While studying their society from afar, they discover humanity's infactuation with religion. Having used religion before to subdue species with violent tendencies, the aliens decide to use the Second Coming as mentioned in the Book Of Revelation to establish rule over the Earth's civilizations. While the aggressors in league with their illuminati brethren use holographic imagery across the skies through advanced technology to wow the Earth's people, rebel astronomers using stolen government equipment notice the datastreams used to project the holograms across space and time. Being spiritual themselves and believing the projected tribulation to be trickery, they set up an underground society to counter the aliens and fight for Human freedoms.

TATUM STADIUM..............2006

Nostalgic script I began in the last few days for 2005 and finished by early 2006 concerning my own personal group of friends who grew up in Marietta, centering around our early teenage years when we played stickball on Tatum Street. Stickball is the basis of the script, but the overall focus is on the group of friends and how we changed and evolved between the ages of 12 and 16, when the last stickball game was played in the spring of 1983. This is the first script I wrote that also references music from the era, my own and popular music from the times. One of my best, most emotive, scripts & soundtracks.

THE PREACHER...........2005

Dramatic story centering on a baptist paster in a suburb of a southern US city who besides growing his congregation and being very active in the community, uses the tithes of the church to purchase multiple rental properties and businesses in the community which the church doesn't know about. He then begins an affair with a propstitute and begins drinking heavily and smoking marijuana.

After the preacher is confronted by an angel, his downward spiral increases as he begins purchasing motorcycles and expensive cars with the church money. The unlikely hero of the story is a drug addled local cop, who has many issues of his own he won't face up to, that gets wind of the preacher's shenanigans and even though his higher-ups are members of the church and rebuke him for even thinking the preacher would be up to such, begins his own private investigation into the preacher's activities. The story is based on non-fictional characters and events.

DEMONOLOGY .........2003

While working on updating some of the songs in one of my old albums, I had this intense dream (or perhaps you'd say it was a nightmare) of the following scene. In this dream, perhaps because I had been working on the Demonology album's music, some of the songs were background music for the dream! I believe the dream was caused by my working on the album, as well as the music and plot for the Brainscan script. It's totally different though, so here goes:

After purchasing a 1950's built house in a quiet part of town, while unpacking, the new owner notices strange wetness seeping out of the floors and a weird musty smell. Then, while talking to his mom, behind her is a dinner table and chairs that was there when he bought the house, suddenly, he sees a family sitting there, he yells look, but moms doesn't see anything. He tells her the house has ghosts, and his mom just looks at him. While describing what he saw, one of his new neighbors, who looks like someone he knew long ago, comes in and gets a glass of tap water. He's telling his neighbor about the vision, then his neighbor says "oh you didn't know man. Alot of weird stuff happened in this house. The people that used to live here practiced witchcraft." The new owner laughs it off. Yet has the table vision again and this time tries to touch the apparitions. One rises and begins laughing in the owner's face, and the apparition's face turns into a demon, as do the others at the table. After this, the neighbor returns with a woman who is a paranormal, who says she sees many, many souls inside the house. She says she sees witch's circles, and victims drained of blood and dismembered, blood all over the place. As this unfolds, and the new owners tries to sleep in the house alone, it turns out his neighbor, the woman, are too all demonic spirits, and that no one in his new neighborhood is actually alive. He too, is really dead, and in purgatory, and is being tested by the demons......

BRAINSCAN ..........2003

Rogue scientists develop an electronic brainwave inducer that is capable of causing graphic mental hallucinations, and extremely intense lucid dreaming. Working out of a suburban house in the USA, the scientists have stolen gear they use in their official laboratories where they toll as government hires working on intelligence electronics. A inquisitive teenager in the suburban neighborhood notices there is something strange at the house - blinds tightly drawn, odd hours, unfriendly older guys taking boxes in out of their trucks. Thinking they are running a porn site or making drugs, the youth decides to break in. First he has to get whomever is at the house, since there is always at least one person there, out, he devises a plan with some other cats in a neighborhood punk band, they slip in, and steal the device prototype. Then they proceed to raise hell and use the science to all kinds of ill means.....


Throughout the years this epic has evolved from one story to five. Each part represents one story in a varied setting; one is a war upon a planet, one is the center of creation viewed as droplets in a cloud, the third is tribulation on earth, with the forth that follows dealing with early intelligent life on earth. The final story is set in the future when the Virtual Self is realized. This remains to the day my favorite script, for one good reason.

The soundtrack for this picture was partially finished and originally released as singles in 2006 under ANGEL OF WAR. Reworked and newly finished tracks continue to be released post 2012 through 2014 when as a comglomeration of tracks the entire soundtrack was released.

Lion Of Judea



Shortwave is about a kid who gets a bad deal from about everyone, his parents, the school, his peers...life in general. He finds solitude with an old shortwave radio his grandfather, whom the kid really had a great time with until the grandfather's death when the kid was 12, had left him. He listens to stations all around the world and becomes somewhat of a linguist. Then he sets upon a really hypnotic, strange signal which shifts around at night. In time, using a language of music he devised, he translates the shortwave signals as an alien language coming from spacecraft......it gets really good then...


Webmaster is about a cybergangster who devises a chemical computer that individuals can construct using information from his web site, and then use the chemical computer to enter a drug induced world of fantasy. The creator of the computer charges a small fee first to get the computer formula and needed hardware, then as each user wishes to get to the next level, deeper into cyber fantasy which is more and more real-like, the user must purchase a user's license which allows their computer to hook to a larger server system which facilitates the increased chemical reactions. The license is limited, and after they are hooked, they must keep purchasing user's licenses. The script details the gangster side, and the law enforcement side, which in the end............

The soundtrack for Webmaster is gothic-industrial, primarily instrumentals. I only finished the work in mid-2001, the reason being I must be satisfied....artists, you know the deal.

Soundtrack example - BREED (raw dog mix)

FIRE OF CREATION (formally known as Search & Destroy)..The True Story Of Todd West And Underground Records.........1982-Today

Shameless fact based non-fictional autobiography...taken from sporatic diary and recollection of the events that have shaped the Underground Records entity since 1982. Needless to say, it will be a blockbuster!!!! If you don't get the humor, you need therapy!!!


A concept script and accompaning LP that goes deep into the world of religions and the occult and identifies some real sides to the madness and lies that have evolved about various religious sects over the past generations. The script is written from a single individual's point of view as he goes out around to various religions, trying to find one where his personal philosophies can fit in, then deciding to start up a movement of his own.


Great modern gangster script with mexicans supplying the evil speed and getting set up at the same time by a rival US gang. Soundtrack music is very heavy and detached at the same time. It is semi-based on true stories, including one involving details from "Operation Crankshaft", a mid-nineties undercover drug investigation in northwest Georgia. The movie though, is much better!


A giant meteorite crashes into the moon, sending it out of orbit and being drawn in towards the Earth by gravity. No one is getting out alive, since the government had, in the script and in real life, cut the space administration's funding so low that the systems were not in place to insure that enough population can escape the planet to give mankind a start after the disaster.

Much of the script deals with the last few days on the planet before the gravity of the moon and the impact destroy all, or most of, mankind.


The story line for this script deals with government control of music...and a young couple trying to skirt the system and play some underground venues around the USA. It deals primarily with a dude out on parole after defying the government's music-prohibition laws, trying to do his life-long goal, play in a successful rock n roll band.

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