Concept Theory - "Valley Of Eternal Roses"

Copyright 5/82

Words and music by Todd West
16 Song Double Set

"This album Deals not with the sacrimonial attitudes towards anyone's religion or faith, it is merely a look at the darkside of being a mortal man." Aspect One.

The album follows the story of an individual who is led into believing the Devil can answer his prayers, grant his wishes and do his bidding. The story begins as the individual descends into hell after working black magic, is received by what he believes is the devil, and is treated as a guest. As the story unwinds, the individual comes to understand he has been tricked and the album ends with the individual trying to get out of hell.


Vision One - The Introduction To Sorrow
        1.. Journey To Hell
        2.. Illusion Of Water (instrumental)
Vision Two - Temptation
        1.. Tales Of Sin
        2.. The Girl That Never Was
Vision Three - The Good Book Of Wrong
        1.. Interview With Satan
        2.. I'm Alone
        3.. Last Chance
Vision Four - Truth Or Disillusion
        1.. Lucifer's Castle
        2.. Raisin' Hell
        3.. One Found Love

The Realms Of The Sub-Hells (album two)

Sub Hell 1
        1.. Lustful Lover
        2.. Tidal Winds Accross Elastic Memories (instrumental)
        3.. World's Greatest S.O.B.
Sub Hell 2
        1.. Bridge Accross The Pit
        2.. Plight Of The Ice Gods
        3.. Truth


Memo to be put on one sheet in album pocket of "Welcome To Hell"

        A chamber of unexposed and re-examined notions and ideas, a certain fortitude of understanding exploits of all who pass by this gallery of secrets. In a new dimension of superscience and controlled auras, we find a lost identity wandering around hopelessly inverted to a cause he never approved. We hand people a pass to inscribe whatever they wish upon the headstone of mortality. The out-bringing of man's true life compositions will shift trade for those just beginning the experience. Give everyone time to grow and in turn that person shall find the reason why anything is important to anybody. Believe what you wish in a spinning world of catalysm. Welcome to my world of illusion.

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