Moderately fast  4/4

I will refelct on thee a mirrored image
hazed by strands only the mind can see!
I recall the day I seen you fall
Right into the time of tomorrow!

It made your head spin round
Leery t the errie sounds!
A worn out path
In the days of what is to be!

Torn with vigorous rage
Made to face the blaze!
Are you not the one with the tormented past
A relic caught in an umbrageous inception
Soldier!  Soldier of time!
Lead me down the road to the next generation
Behold! Take heed!  A new confrontation!
Rank of the damned desends!

Soldier! Soldier of time!
Look about your battle
Leave the wandering to me!
Soldier! Soldier of time!

        (lead bass instrumentation)

Sprangle your word!  Let wisdom be heard!
I have relations much beyond the others!
Much power is myth yet there are those I know
Secrets I cannot speak deep inside me!


I like to cloak my every step in mystery
Hand me down by others who show sympathy!
I might feed on fear, and show no restraint
Sugar it's only part of the game!

        (sustain guitar at end of "game", short intense jam)

Soldier! Soldier of time!
Look about your battle!
You're losing the lead!
Oh soldier!  Soldier of time!
Lock tomorrow's gates and give me the key!

                (short jam till end)

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