Moderate, upbeat 4/4

A simple song rings in your head
Brings reminiscent tithes of goodbye.
Which of your passions
Will yield divine fruit
Take a bite from the apple of your eye.

Stanza without phrase....holy man without praise
The least that you want is the ultimate prize!

Light of day is gone.....simple song rambles on
You suddenly find, this is all real.

                (short instrumentation)

Words are spoken, yet no one really feels
This is how it was all meant to be.
Distant foresight, overshadows the insight
Pedestal of pleasure is in jeopardy.

Another year on the road, you feel you're growing older
But the cause for which you fight is still young.

The esurient force runs its course
Vernal chaos begins to unravel
And a mind is but one peice of the puzzle.

Light of day is gone.....Simple song lingers on
Absent minded guess, gives birth to missing feeligns.


Light of day is gone......simple song rambles on
You suddenly find, this is all real.

Never to receed in vivid memory
The paradox perplex fades to simplicity
Still the simple song rambles on and on.

                (jam till end)

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