Rolling hard fast 4/4

Now there comes a time
For the excitement to begin!
The herb she takes effect
Upon my leary eyes!
My arms are locked with a magistrate of fire
I keep on lookin' back, half expecting to find
My baby shimmering up,
                My oversensitive love line!

        It's all I ever wanted!
        These images on my eyes!
        What used to be a darkened void
      Is the gateway for escape!
        It's all I ever needed
        These images on my eyes!

                (short guitar)

Some one told me once
Never trust the stoney eyed!
Lingering on till you are the slave
The madness the master!

Now the aching visions of your sight
Seek relief in another man's plight
Once again you are spared
Mercy of reason, death is out of season!


No foreign substance present
To burn our brightened eyes!
Hole in the head from the pleasure drill
No you can't replenish, your burnt out skills!
For no one can ever forget the day
When the images first arrive!

                   (jam till end)

Just give!  (band) Images on my eyes!

        (repeat until necessary effect is achieved)

        Copyright Todd West 1/84

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