Moderately fast 4/4


You might be disgraceful but I love that body
When you get up on stage and move it about!
You get me hot! You get me ready!
One last question.....
                Your place or mine?

My friend say you ain't no good honey
You might do me wrong, make me act funny!
I told 'em it was none of their business
I take all the blows
                        In my face!

I've been watchin' you shake that stuff
Every night I'm down there, I can't get enough!
I got this crazy feeling like I might be in love
When you shake it honey I cry to the heavens above!


So this is the way it will always be
I was blind to be here, I was bait for your lair!
You can take whatever you want from me
But if you don't stop fakin' you'll be cryin'
Alone one night!

Has you turn to walk out that door
Remember the streets and their ungodly promises
I can tell everybody of your cheatin' ways
Then you'll be sleeping alone tonight!

                (instrumentation till end)

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