Fast 4/4


He's riding through the canyon
In his black turbo sports car.
Crossing the country nonstop
To see the one he loves.

He steps up to the stage door
Draws a bead with an evil eye.
But he cannot make his entrance
Without help from his bodyguards.

Her performance is spectacular
Her beauty leaves a soft hard!

                (short guitar w/delay)

Touchdown! It's time for a reunion!
Fear not the captor
He cannot prosper in a foreign land!
Bewilderment stalks.....pride is the prey
Those hungry little fools wait for their day!
Basking in their wealth....riches of evermore!

His mind is clouded with excitement
A convulsion tears the perfect rhythm!
Can it be he has forgotten
The loneliness of the next day!


No use in throwin these kind a rope
They will probably hang themselves with it!
Exhaustion means a little bit more
Has got to come from the part of you
That you never! That you never!
Had faith in before!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

The stripper's comin' to get you!

Many tears are gonna fall
Many fights you're gonna lose!
Before you realize the only chance you get
Is the one you give yourself!

        (instrumentation, then into slow 4/4)

I just love her body
A little strip down brings me to the front!
The biggest get off is then set up
I love how she wiggles and grunts!


She's got the fire
My temperature's risin' higher!
I feel the heat, I start to prespire!
Give it all that you got! I got to have more!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
The stripper's comin' to get you!

        (speed up to fast 2/4, jam till end)

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