Moderate 4/4


Young girl, looks so good
You don't wanna get involved but your heart won't listen!
Get a little closer, to say hello
But the bitch ain't takin' so there's no use in askin'
'Cause she ain't even gonna give ya,
                                        The time of day!

(begin .1)

Stone stoney, likes to rock
She loves to rock n roll!
Stone stoney, what's right and what's not!
Stoney when you rock!  I really get hot!

(END .1)

One time, and one time only
You're a fool if ya do it again!
This woman plays to get the best
Don't become one of her pets!
One time, should set you straight
Against the odds, it's a dangerous bet!
Rock it!

                (lead guitar)

I don't think you could find it in your heart
To love a man like me!
Now I ain't got nothing to do
I'm just sittin' here missin' you!
Stoney I got a message
And it's addressed to you!

                (more guitar)

One day honey you're gonna run outta love
Gonna have to eat your pride!
Gotta change your ways
That's when you're gonna fall!
Stone stoney!  Loves to rock!  (scream)

        (repeat .1, jam till end)

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