Fast 2/4


Seems they don't love me like they used to!
But I'm still out here givin' it hell!
I spent all my money on foolish toys
Now I live in poverty!
But I'm happy in another way
Now at least I have some piece of mind!

(begin .1)

Old rock n rollers never die!
They just become, stars in the sky!
On a clear night you can still hear them play
So close to the heart yet so far away!

(end .1)

I often set and wondered about the songs in the wind
Why a down-n-out loser just kept playin' to win!
Took me too damn long to get a piece of the pie
Now I see why!
Recognition come slowly
'Cause old rock n rollers never die!

You better get your shit together
Before the storm breaks on the horizon!
Work all your healthy days
For a mystical pot of gold!
Something to cherish, something to own!
'Cause you're gettin' weaker
And you're growin old!

But I choose to serve my time
In the battle zone on the front line!
Turn it up!

                        (lead break)
                        (repeat .1)

Shut the windows, bolt the doors!
Let the greedy continue their struggle!
Cause we know as we look to the sky
Old rock n rollers never die!
I'm still rockin and you can guess why!
Old rock n rollers, never die!

                        (jam till end)

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