Moderate fast 2/4


I went to the fence today!
I looked out, over the way!
I seen freedom on the other side
It hit me!  Like a bolt of electricity!
        We don't allow your kind in here
        Say hello to the invisible wire!
        No more pleasure sights!
Ugghh!  Lightning only strikes twice!

If I had the strength I'd swim the widest oceans
If they gave me wings, I'd fly so far away!


I can't sleep tonight!
I got this crazy feeling!
Like I can get up
And just walk away!
Tell me why I am kidding myself!

Ugghh! Ligthning only strikes twice!

You can't go wrong
Singing a song
Be careful of the content!
They scan the words, and if there's any threat
You'll hang from the gallows the very next day!
Ugghh! Lightning only strikes twice!


What I've been doin' in secret time
Tearin' up the scenery
And givin' someone else the line!

Still I'm runnin, toward the exit door!
But it seems like it's not visible anymore!
What I'm doin had nothing to do
With me n you!

Ugghh!  Lightning only strikes twice!

(start run, jam till end)

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