Guitar use phase, bass use echo, drums sound far off, only noticeable here and there, spoken intro.


"Converge the articulate feelins associated with death with the total satisfaction of relief. Accept the freedom from bondage.  Spin the lock, work, rework the combination.  No gateway, no door to compromise.  Aethiest satisfaction."

                        (guitar slide into fast 4/4 rhythm, other inst. follow)

Fast 4/4

I don't mean to arouse your suspicion!
I'm just coaxing you into submission!
Turn out the lights
I've got the tap
Not gonna stop till I'm breakin' through!

(begin .1)

You!  No one can whip me like you!
You're my leather n chains lady!
Leather n chains, lady!

Spiked heels really turn me on!
You!  My leather n chains lady!

(end .1)

Spurge on the urge
Let your hands run free!
I'm out to kill! I've got her in my sights!
Say your prayers honey
I'm gonna drag you down!

You!  My leather n chains lady!
That two-by-four ......... feels great!
You!  My leather n chains lady!

Sometimes it's so hard to say
Should I love her
Or beat her brains out!

Yet I know she brings satisfaction
She's prone to action!

        (repeat .1 / jam till end)

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