Fast 4/4


She goes down on me!
I seen all there is to see
I want to see it again!
I want on top but I'm stuck on the bottom
Lord can this lady satisfy me!

(begin .1)

No one ever told me about this chick coming down so hard
On your head!
I want to please her while I stand hard and tall
I want it all!
Woman! You really turn me on!
You really turn me on!
You really turn me on now baby!  Turn me on!

(end .1)

                        (short guitar)

Was a late blossomed lover who could do you over
Walked the streets at night looking for the greatest lover!
She'd climb the walls then rip the case
Roll you over then she'd french your face!

                        (repeat .1)

Go down on the pink
Let's fire it up!
I feel like makin' love
I wanna taste your stuff!

                  (begin lead break)

I want on top!
But I'm stuck on the bottom
Maybe it's not so bad after all!
She really turns me!

Turns me on!

                (repeat "turns me on" & jam till end)

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