FREEBLEEDER (wrath of sandman)

Slow / dreamy...thick flange


Why do the lights look so fuzzy
Tell me why does my head feel so dizzy.

I'm having trouble lifting my arm from the ground
Above me everyone speaks, but I hear no sound.

I've come to expect, these periods of thoughlessness
I feel no pain, a relief from all the strain.
I can only smile, yet they say I am depressed
Life is funny, when you cease to exist.

                (fast 3/4)

It started so long ago!
The aging vice clamped down upon my soul!
Plasma was injected on the night of the deadly rain
Infested life toting the hand of death!
I rememeber my body going numb
A prickling sensation to commit the overload!

Break it up!
Shut it down!
Take it around!


Not long ago I came upon a man
He was content just sittin' in the sand!
I asked him if he knew where I should be
Dear boy he said, it's not up to me!

I, the teacher of the children of this land
Because of my composition I have earned the name
Of the sandman!

His index finger gave a taunting glow
Some kind of passion foreign to me!
Or was it just a trick to gain my attention
While chains fell accross my breast!

Break it up!
Shut it down!
Take it around!

Psychoactive powders terminate
A trick unreliable upon text-book effect!
An act to chanel my subsistent morale
I'd channel my genuis but I don't know how!

The aging force I can no longer resist
I feel so tierd, my body needs rest!
My soul is ageless, yet my visions grow dark
My whole system begins its final collapse!

Break it up!
Shut it down!
Take it around!

Break it up!
Shut it down!
Take it around!

        (rhythm stops, end with abstract freeform)

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