Moderate 4/4

Start with tape effect like human breathing, slowly go quiet, soft hum of feedback can then be heard)


(echo)  Uhhh!
                Uh! Uh! Uhh!

Sisters of the world gather round
Receive merit, for all that you do!
Ask no questions, you'll hear no lies
Do not shield your eyes!
Behold dear sisters!  Watch and learn!

        (guitar breaks into fast 4/4)

I can see!  I can breathe!
I can do almost anything!
A setback in motivation, only temporarily stops my quest!

Reach for the walls
Watch them dance away
I must be going crazy you say
Did you forget?
About the compound unknown in your thinking zone!

He holds no shape
He holds no secret weapons!
He can kill with a thought, a brain wave attack!
The liquids are congealing and the solids wash away
Or is it just the compound unknown in your thinking zone!


Frigid crystals form their arch
The cults all gather! Now they march!
Misled by some strange force unknown
Possibly caused by the compound unknown in their thinking zones!

             (faster rhythm / lead jam)

Now you wanna rock!
Come on baby show me!
Now you wanna rock
Come on baby show me!
Show me you wanna rock!
                        (jam till end)

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