Moderately Fast

In formation, like an army
They came riding over the hill!
Twenty one armed soldiers
Guns ready, set to kill!

The indians sealed their goldmine
Built a fortress around the camp!
Thought the fight was tiresome
The end came on the second night!

His tanks raked the hillside
The general watched as the defense fell!
Soldiers rushed the last tribe
Greed had taken its toll!

They had beaten the savages back!

         ;        (long instrumentation)

Years the wall was lifted
Built by the red-man slaves!
The general stood as a hero
For conquering this barren land!

From a pit, out in the desert
Came a rumble without a sound!
A thousand mutant refugees
Crying for a precious sign!

In the turmoil a vengeance undaunted
Erupted with fury and hate!
One hundred foot, black scaled matrix
Walked the desert plains!

He was coming to claim his land!

The walls fell without warning
As the general was without plan!
His henchmen fled with terror
His soldiers, all faced their deaths!

The indians freed their people
The matrix disappeared in the sand!
Never again would terrpr strike
For the indians held the upper hand!

         ;(short jam till end)

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