Fast 4/4

I have mastered the art of deceptiveness
Now I can revenge, those who were deprived!
My father inflicts upon a mere boy the will to evolve
Into a manifestation of his foolish pride!

( change to faster rhythm)

Symbols of anticipation
Forward come the visions!
A trick that surpasses any reasons
To form a fear from haste!

Mother your son is sick
He wants to be a leader!
Can't he understand, today's modern man
Only follows he cannot lead!

(0rig rhythm)

A journey to explore the free man's clause
Endless escapes from capture,
By the black light!
See that your belongings are gathered
Meet me when the clock strikes one!
Together is the only way,
For quick victory!


The morning sun brings hope for the forgotten child
Locks away all fears to realize he is the newborn star!

(begin power strum run)

He reaches for the power inside
Though the distance is long and wide!
We see a new dawning,
For the lonely who hide!

(guitar till end)

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