"There is Freedom in The Word."
from The Book of Divinity

Free Person (also known herein as Person)

A Free Person is an individual of The World, who by being born has natural freedom of choice to choose their citizenry or involvement in any style system be it political, social, of the humanities or of self imposition. If a Free Person chooses any type of system, they can not require it of or force participation in from another Free Person; a Free Person comes to participation by their own free will.

A Free Person belongs to no state and is beholden only to the respect and power of the Natural State which a Person shares with all others. This includes a Free Person of any age, and may be declared in full when any Person reaches the age of eighteen (18) whereas any requirement of youth may be unchained.

Above all A Free Person is heir to their world, which is the air they breathe, the water they drink, and the earth of which they inhabit. A Free Person is a steward of this earth and a caretaker of the natural state. Therefore the natural state which all share is as much the Free Person's as any other Persons'.

A Person is respectful of all people and are the relatives of any other Free Person; in that they may share what belongs to all, the Gifts of the Natural State, known as Gifts of The Earth;

Which do include, yet are not limited to:

Water from the earth, from the oceans, and from the atmospheres.

Air and gases from the atmosphere, from the oceans, and from within the earth.

The land of the earth itself, created now or in the future, including land beneath the seas.

A Free Person employs no means to take, with-hold nor destroy that of any natural state of any other. So does a Person demand theirs of the natural state not be abused, used, nor sold as goods or to profit except by knowing permission of a Free Person, or group of Free People.

Furthermore, those things of which are forces provided initially through the Natural State, being electro-magnetic in nature, and of the aura, are to each and to share for all Free Persons. Should any nation attempt to use as in war, to make war thereof or therefore, such a nation is of the dark. It will end increasingly in a dark, negative way, and its means shall be to feed on and destroy itself.

Free People have the right to be a member of any nation, and vow not to war on other Free Persons of another Free Nation where Free People are allowed, unless first they are attacked or told public-ally they shall be attacked.

Once taken an oath to any Nation, should it be of free will of any Free Person, they become beholden to what that Nation may stand for, and if it be against the definition herein of the Free Person, then that person has given up their rights herein and are no longer specifically a Free Person, even if such nation they beholden has another definition of Free Person(s).

Should any other nation come against the Free People, of which there are many Persons, and seek to defile, take, destroy, or command those Gifts Of The Earth, Free People have the right to seek recourse in whatever method to sustain freedom and purity of the Gifts Of The Earth.

If a person has accepted the ways and laws of any nation which does not recognize the sanctity and purity of the Gifts Of The Earth, they give up their rights to these gifts as preserved by birth right herein. Other nations may or may not give these rights to their people, yet for Free People, of which are Free Persons, these Gifts are theirs by birth.

Even then, the Freedom Of Mind, that is, freedom of one's mind from forced coercion, physical experimentation, or mental manipulation, stands for all people, especially The Free Person, from the day their conscious is born.

From such birth, the rights to Gifts Of The Earth are established by decree from Creation, as are rights to personal sanctuary, and of Basic Respects. A Free Person may have rights to earn a living by the standards and legal means of the day; and such legality shall be extended that until basic needs are met in that a Free Person may prosper; except through means of commerce, a Free Person owes no wage.

For such, a Free Person, is hereby declared.

Affidavit Of Truth

From the original writings of The Book Of Divine Sciences (c) Copyright 1987, 1996 WTW.


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