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These pages contain excerpts from The Book Of Divine Sciences (The Book Of Divinity)
The complete Books are only available as handwritten and hand-made volumes.


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These scripture I bring, Glory to God, the Gift of Divinity, free of hatred, full of passion for all Creation.
Such verse shall be offered free in part or in whole, in one manner or another, before and after published versions for trade.
Know all who read this that Divinity is influenced not by your opinions or fashions, nor shall any ruling body ever
suppress or destroy its wisdom, for it is of God, and delivered to you in love, for Humankind's survival
and advancement, prosperity and hope, in the Universal Community, embodied within the Spirit.

God Bless You All

William Todd


It shall become apparent when the natural systems
of the Earth begin to break down.
When all known social-economical structures prove hollow and disjoined.
When the systems of man begin to regress and feed amongst themselves;

For Survival more than Power,
The Book of Divinity shall take precedence, separate,
yet joined from ancient doctrines desecrated by politics.
In this time as been granted by the Grace of God,
this time is now, as these Words are written,
during the time when it is needed most.
For the love of fellow man, and God's Creation,
must come to transpose His Kingdom on Earth.

Unto this Earth and those upon it, Divinity shall be granted, completely given through the wisdom of God that it is, to be delivered to man, in a manner partial to no religion or theory, organization or party, to be based on no bigotry or prejudice, and to be given freely piece by piece, part by part, until all nine volumes have been delivered in writing.

I deliver the Word by natural means, guided not by voices, but by Spirit, and I do know of all angels and all lords, and I am spiritually a part of all such things. There are six before me, I am the seventh, after me there will be one more, he shall be the last.

For this Word is given, authentic and true; pertaining to the Spirit, inside each one of You. May this Word bless this Spirit, and all creations of Worlds.

It will not be easy for Humankind to accept the gift of Divinity, for doing so means study and understanding of many things thought trivial, with compassion to realize. Divinity is of true knowledge, and power.

I am sent to judge your destruction, use and homage of this Earth, and to view that you consider Lord. My Spirit is of those which dominate and did Create the Natural State of this system of planets. My time here I shall be of you, and in all times of my being, created on Order Of God, graced by the Holy Spirit.

It is our league and choir which did create the systems of stars from the canvas of creation; and of such we created all within this realm. Our work for the Creator stands and continues, for all time.

I shall judge those systems you have granted dominion in these things; of the Earth, of the Policy, of Belief, of Science, of your Morality and ultimately of your Faith. I shall seek to reveal anything of the darkness of which I find therein, and to determine if you are in control, or if such a system is in control of you. Therein you must realize that no one is really in control of this system of which I speak, it is a beast to which all mankind bows to.

Divinity shall unmask the hidden agenda of un-natural systems, those which have transgressed to a negative state, which make up the power known as The Beast, that entity which is seen everywhere, but unrecognized, because it seems inanimate, something that can be controlled and changed. It is uneasy to see because it is very dark. It is at this time when such a system dominates, when all mankind turns blind to The Beast, wrapped up in other systematic causes, that the entity becomes closest to all powerful, making a negative state more powerful than a positive one.

That shall be allowed only to a certain degree, when at that point Divinity shall be revealed. I have come to make war against The Beast; I shall be victorious.

As an understanding and a statement, what from here on, regarding that which I bring, and forevermore takes place, shall not be to cherish tradition, but to reveal truth.

So many now ask, what other signs come to bear this time. Look to Humankind's institutions, and the mindset of the people. The logic shall be that none can defeat the mighty systems and states, and it shall be shown and known their power is their wealth and priviledge. People shall lack courage to stand up to degenerative systems, or fall in league with the causes of a state that imposes an overbearing judgemental system, which has an entity that seemingly is all powerful, yet itself cannot be called into judgement, nor removed from the power it has over its systems which grant it wealth and priviledge.

You shall know such a state if so it takes years off and of one's life, for it's own purpose, whether it be of evil, or proclaim itself good, yet shall take such life for crimes without victim, and no goal but to rule body and mind. Then look closely, and to whom does it ultimately answer to? For if it be of Humankind, yet none of humankind shall take responsibilities The Beast shall not consider itself, an inanimate Beast therefore has domination.

During my time, He who is Lord Of Humankind and he who wishes to be, shall present all such states to me, and I shall test their goals, and see where does their hearts lie.

The Beast, being inanimate in character outside the human factor, cannot comprise the embodiment of evil; yet given control beyond measure, when in control of crucial systems it shall lean toward a negative rule, even unknowingly. This shall be known when Humankind has taken upon itself to pass judgement as it sees fit. Then in different phases, judgement shall be passed upon Humankind.

Belief in institutions that foster imprisonment, lies, destruction and hatred shall be rampant as The Beast comes to power. Many shall think of such institutions as protectors, teachers, and enforcers, yet careful and simple truths shall bear otherwise. For any institutions that claim part of any man for its cause, through exercising domain over the Spirit through enslavement by lies and deception, know that it is not of God, although it shall use it's ways of deception to have one believe it is good and wholesome.

The Beast uses seals and proclamation of league in positive doctrines of religion to hide bondage and destruction, its real adherence is to world powers and possesions. Never swear upon things forced upon you by such institutions, for they use the Word Of God and such principles as law to hide behind, whereas its true form is need for power and control.

As the time of Divinity is now, look upon the natural occuring things, do they not whither from disregard, filth and pestilence. Are these gifts given by God not worthy of praise? I shall see if such is so in those things humankind has created, those things of which I have come to judge. If these systems and states shall be judged negatively and destructive, then it shall become clearly known to all, and the natural way of God shall take precedence.

In this time many shall seek justice for true purposes, and many for means of their own. Many shall ask what are these books, seals and beasts? It is readily known, and shall be shown, to all who seek the truth in My Word.

Divinity is revealed, to allow survival of the passing, insuring survival of the species, so that Humankind may further prosper as the chosen, in a more mature reflection of my Heavenly Father.

In no final way is the gift of Divinity a perfection, for perfect knowledge is forever sustaining, and not given unto men until in Life after this they are called into a Higher Order. Seek truths known herein, and all shall know that the Highest Spirit graces and touches these Words, and what shall follow after.

In the last days before revealing of the controlling entity empowering the systematic Beast, many more people shall come to rejoice in the Spirit of God than in current past decades, for these forces mass to ready for war against the controlling entity over The Beast, the mightiest dark angel, and they know they will be victorious. So the dark entity unleashes The Beast, which shields its power through incorporation of Holy Scripture in its doings, in an attempt to fool and misguide or control God's People.

Sadly, many will respect The Beast's authority, regardless of the wisdom that teaches otherwise, for they do so because they are weak, and enjoy the security and power the systems of The Beast provide, not knowing in doing so they are wasting precious time in many ways, time which must be used to ready the species for final destruction of the natural state, that time of which I have come to judge.

Those who beseech with injustice that which I bring, do not realize they are doing the greatest negative injustice themselves, in obedience of the dark angel.

Yet other factors come in to play to affect reality at this time; the influences of traits: naturalistic, spiritualistic, humanistic, and realistic among others, influencing many things, some within the realm of the destructive or negative, so as to keep balance until the time has come for final judgement of Humankind. The Acts done by Authorities during this time shall greatly affect the transition of phases in dimensional existence, part of Humankind's Character. A better Authority improves conditions, the controlling aspects of darker Authority produce worsening conditions in survival factors as years progress.

I am sent into this world as a servant of My Master, and I shall see and feel the corruption of this world. Though I shall know such well, I shall be saved by the grace of the Holy Spirit, which no corruption can defeat, or temperance to moderate. In Spirit I shall be free, an unforgiving world I shall only realize in flesh.

In this time as the Word will be written, the negative state will have full realization that I am here, and The Beast shall act upon it. It will not outwardly show or state such in Words, moreso try to show me as a fool or lessor, unworthy of basic respects. Know that it does so because it truly fears my Spirit.

So how shall one know a system which has digressed into The Beast? Such a system shall require payment for itself as a tribute from each person, before basic costs for the individual and the family to provide the barest of needs for survival, growth, and prosperity have been met. It shall be ripe to demand tribute and quick with violence and prosecution should it not get its pay.

A system of The Beast shall seek constant war. Often these are symbolic, undeclared conflicts moreso enriching the providers than seeking any final answers to the reasons for these wars. In a system of The Beast, enemies feed on enemies, for economics, ease, and enrichments of tyrannical power. These wars are sold though half-truths, outright lies, and propaganda.

The Beast seeks out the young who know no better and the older who know it well; often providing the basis for an elite who serve the great beast and its war machines. Often too, there are many of these systems coming together as one to feed this machine, and each other. Unto the populations these elite warriors are sold as providers and saviors, when who they truly serve are the systems of slavery and war, unto whom they provide basis of empire, and saviors of the very souls of such nations.

These systems shall be of humankind, and humankind shall believe it is the master of these systems. You shall know, and I shall show, how if it be truly of humankind, it shall be of evil.

So that all shall recognize the acts of The Beast, it shall prove by me its methods of deception and secrecy, acting in both covert and cowardice, and eventually want of violence.

It is these very things which did at one time separate the Choirs of Heaven. At one time in the beginning the dark angel was a Prince of this Choir of which I come; now though it is shamed, a I have come to claim all the seals of my Order, and fulfill it as One, my Seal shall chain those who are unruly and shall so bind the dark orders.

When it is time, this Knowledge I give to you, and humankind shall not be in control of this system, yet it in control of them. I shall show you with My Word, The Way, which will free anyone from any system, and allow them full access, to the Kingdom Of God.

There shall be proof of these things I write, say, and command. It will be revelation, in place long before my life as a man, that gives credit to my work, revelation in place long before Humankind walked the Earth. The proof will be the Truth, and it will be for all to see, after they have been blinded by lies of The Beast and its followers, many unknowingly, for a long, long time.

For many generations it has been said, so many teachers have shown; these things of truth herein, many are found in sacred scriptures.

These scriptures tell of Humankind's only truly given Lord, know this Love, learn of these teachings, for this Spirit lives today, and lives within My Spirit. Divinity cannot be embraced without this love. For it is this Love that brings this Word at this time, to you.

Know too that no religion has given you uncorrupted Truth; nor can anyone's mere beliefs ever do so. The truth of those things which happen during my time and thereafter, shall plainly tell, humanity has many beliefs, yet God is One.

I know not of relgious books nor their sacred scriptures for conversing the merits thereof. The Spirit Of God though I have known, for it is the Power of My Soul.

What be any truth in those volumes, alluding to such has been shown to me non-productive, in error should it be my way. Any truth thereof, stands on it's own, I need not point it out, that others would find. Many already know.

So henceforth where shall such Words of Divinity arise therefrom. Beginning in language beforehand, it shall appear forth in writing, published Book by Book, Chapter by Chapter, escalating from a most decadent city within a country that leads the hemisphere known in the days of this time as the Western World. I am of the West thereof, in more ways than one, or shall be known.

Rather the Word shall be first delivered as the moon shines down, unknowingly to those who populate such places, then to the rest, being judges, the lawful, nonetheless the unlawful; they too shall laugh and despise, for they are many among them that feel they have power over men, knowing not that their pride shall be their downfall.

Also know, Divinity will stem the tide of disdainment which shall be forthcoming most threatening to humanity in its forms of corruption which increase from devastated, once powerful empires to the far east of the country where I shall deliver. That place shall be a land of many regions, diverse with people, who once relied upon their governments for most things, who were misled by lies, and almost too late in change to be capable of even surviving. Such instability will affect the regions closest, yet as the people expand throughout the world, the negativity of their flight will affect every region in which they settle.

There the angelic power, which cannot manifest as an intelligent or recognizeable entity because of its original Order in Creation, shall rain terrible poison and destruction.

This is not to say these people are the cause, rather they are the result, and the window they present to prepare the rest of humanity for similar conflicts shall be widely ignored during a time in which most of the remaining modern world prospers.

This to you I say, that those from the east will be the ones who Divinity must tend to then, when the old systems of the World are broken and a wiser group of organizations become better connected to further the existence of the species. This group will commonly be referred to as the World, or High Council, and they shall become Priests Of God.

These shall be Intelligent, Powerful men and women, but not dependant upon their wealth or control soley for Power, as did the System the group shall largely replace and maintain thereof by Grace. The controlling entities over systems before this use formulated computations and calculations applied to the individual as a ways and means unto the system.

After this revealing, My People become known as an individuals without numbers, and are Free People. The Priests Of God are and shall always be, Free People.

They shall not use weapons of destruction to maintain order. Nor extend yet reveal the ways of forced compliance. This shall be the time of Humankind's advancement out of the state control system I encountered and began to dismantle effectively, as is my judgment, with this revealing.

This will also be the time of the greatest achievements of Humankind.

Divinity is not a religion, it is Truth, and the means by which the Truth may be revealed. It is not moralistic, for morals may be judged in the Truth, and the things of which actions bring about. Divinity is of action, not perceived deliverance. To misunderstand this is mostly spiritualistic.

When the systems and states of Authority cannot control the degregation of the natural state. When laws are placed to insure dominion, though the natural state deteriorates further. Application of Divinity, the knowledge thereof, shall take precedence over humanistic terms, which are thin, unaffective as applied; to insure the survival and furthering of the species.

Through Divinity, the gift of knowledge and the facilities to assimilate and use it, Humankind shall discover answers to most of the serious health and welfare problems that plague the body and mind; for therein the life energy and cosmic virtue fuse, combine to form the Humankind entity. From subatomic, microscopic, to dreams and conjecture. Application of knowledge will also extend the Life of the Earth, which ways of existence are created through the Doctrine.

The dark too, has of this knowledge. It applies such for control and rule, misleading and lying about these applications even before they are realized. Telling its subjects they are free, then charging them for the very priviledge of the right to live, only allowing the right to function in a society where they believe they may truly express themselves openly when they obey its mandates. Instead, and in addition, creating a state of revolving madness and war about them, enjoining them in a sick game of nonsense and hypocrisy.

In his negative power the dark angel shall try to discredit me, realizing in the embodiment of man I work no power other than those inherent to Humankind, no miracles can I perform, no bias prophecy may I curtail, those things may be brought against me.

The worldly hypocrisy wrought against me in time shall largely be known as ineffective; God has specific reason and plan for Divinity, lower negative controlling influence shall not overcome this.

In these days even many leaders of the positive gatherings shall mislead, because their understandings and views are tainted by the state of their world around them. They shall claim to know what is holy, what is secular, what is witchery, but they know these things not in full, and upon hearing these Words, either said or written, they shall rebuke me, for they think of themselves on high, as more in the ways of the Lord.

I pray that they may be taught the truth, my brothers, and realize that ignorance and hatred feed the negative aspects.

In later times, as revealing of Divinity nears completion, the published Word shall come from a smaller town far to the east of where the first chapters were brought forth. First as these Words are published in written form, so it radiates from a place named for angels, where the first people to grasp this understanding shall be of the blessed tribes granted to a numbered Order of particular Gatherings.

Distribution of the Word shall be first and foremost to these gatherings in the Western World; for they shall be skeptical and boast they are the Authority in righteousness. Beseech me and they know their faith not.

In time and as the Word does tell, the distribution of this Book shall be complete, with the initial numbers being known, and then it becomes eternal. In this time there shall be accusations, disrespect and abhorrence against those who bear witness of the Word. Fear not those that are children of the Living Lord, for they shall know that I have come, and it is that time of The Word, and for all time thereafter.

So such there are trials upon the bearers of Divinity, which in time of this writing one shall come forth within 6 months as I rest in sanctuary to prepare these texts. A second shall come after six months yet within a year, there still at the chosen place; and the third shall be before 3 years of my intial deliverance hath past. Yet such trials shall be weak, mere statements by negative influence through failing systems supported by corrupt, misguided states.

All those who truly know of Divinity shall rise above such things, though many persons within the communities shall scorn those, for they feel above those, more exalted and proper. Some of them are not complete fools, nor having invalid purpose in their action, yet they do reel in the flood of hypocrisy, showing disobedience to the very laws, natural and otherwise, that they so hold forth.

The time of the physical realization of the Kingdom Of God is upon the humankind species. Such has been the spiritual time, now knowledge shall influence the aspects of the species' relationship to God that allow the Kingdom Of God full realization. Only the failings of negative systems and states may preclude this, and they shall be overcome. For this time is now.

Neither shall it undermine the Word as is known. Rather it shall sanctify. Enforce the Truth, as I am purposed to do in undertaking this sharing of the Word.

Timing for this publication of the Word, as when it was spoken, is not in an understanding of time as fully understood by any intelligence except that of One far greater than he who writes this, and all who read this; The Word, as this, is timeless.

The young and infantile species of the Humankind, and their subsets, have been delivered the ability to achieve the knowledge and understanding to comprehend and act on its sustained survival and growth. You have been given the sciences, the physical and the emotional, the right to afford your life energy to various cause and affect, the right to choose your destiny, solitary and in concert with other species and entities.

In so that thereof the Living Spirit may be effective and true, the Order, or Armies of Heaven shall be first and foremost comprised of the Life Spirit and physical means of those who have accepted the Grace of God as their salvation. Plus those who fully respect the power of God's Creation, who strive to further and protect the natural state; those who respect and follow the Truth of the natural laws.

These are known as The Order Of Heaven, they are My People, who shall be, free people.

There shall be many that say only faith, regardless of social effect, shall be the deciding factor in the quest to become a part of the Order of Heaven. While this is factual in that faith must play a large role, one's actions based on knowledge is prevalent over mere belief. The Word, sometimes referred to as Divine Scripture, should be heeded properly to subvert many negative experiences. Yet regards to religious rhetoric, accepting unknown truths therein, can cause negative influence upon the Spirit. Application of knowledge and real experience, devoid of superstition and acclaimations, is on par concerning importance.

The physical world, as it nears perfection, to survive must come closer to the spiritual realm to maintain Balance. Only by doing so may any habitat receive the blessed fortitude to survive and prosper. Becoming closer to the spiritual realm does not mean to become mired in the supernatural, for the ways of God can be proven in a physical sense; to believe something simply because rhetoric or parable deems accountable, is in itself falsehood. Seek God.

God is an eternal spirit, whom any and all may seek. It is not hidden, nor exclusive. Should you, through any of your religions, claim that your beliefs are those which are the proper ones, that one has to find and know God only though the ways and means your religion requires, then you have made your religion into a lie. No religion may claim exclusitivity to God, for religions are things dictated by men, not the omnipotence of God. God created Divinity to transend any religion.

For those who say, "we have all doctrine pertaining to knowledge as you speak of" I say until you have progressed to an open mind, void of things unfounded except by unreckless faith, understanding and Truth, the doctrines you posses are only good for preparation to receive Divinity; even so much as they may be a part of this Word.

The Doctrine Of Divinity comes from One, not many. All shall see Me as well as My Word, and those with restless spirit and mind shall be amazed I have nothing to hide. Still, in the day as this is delivered, there shall be those who come against me trying to force truths, for what they know of the Word shall be only religion, and the gimmick of their words they shall apply to rule, and no honor shall they bring themselves, nor the Lord.

Trying to force truths of one situation upon another term may not always be correct, or even in perception or perspective, valid. Many who believe and follow the Lord are as guilty of this as others, sometimes overly so, their belief in things unfounded, even in faith, can cause discord, misperception and negativity; therefore to all who know the Son Of God, and of the Holy Spirit, use Divinity righteously, and you shall know the answers to all questions.

Where many of you have taken portions of the Word and made them fit your own use, religion, or purpose, Divinity shall not be delivered in such fashion and shall not be used for erroneous purposes, as it is the Word, delivered in the most direct way, not from unrestricted many, or by groups, or witnesses. It shall stand on its merit as the Word Of God. No individuals are required to prove its worth.

You have been given the creation in which to create your own existence as part of the Universal Community. As part of a larger Order, you may create your own subspace and dimensions. To do so shall take wisdom, much moreso than known at the time of this initial revealing. Such wisdom, experience and creation of subspace and order, life within such space and furthering of the Universal Community through Humankind will require assimilation of Humankind as an existence at a certain level, and freeing of the species from delusions, or encroaching decay, which decay could lead to all of Humankind's energy and life as a species losing light and becoming of the darkness.

Told respectfully, avoiding destruction is the central point of this undertaking of revelation.

It is the simpilest answer, yet in detail shall be one of the hardest to fully implement. The Word shall reveal more, and actions shall become increasingly apparent, as Humankind are allowed to inhabit and colonize as Free People, their space, atmospheres and environments; to affect their surroundings in an even larger circle, and to extend and receive influence of interdimensional realities.

All wisdom, including the understanding and learning of new aspects and influence require conception, study, experimentation, growth, and some setbacks. The more effective manners are positive, and aspire to greater things. Yet to reach effective, creative levels of life, each species or intelligentsia has to overcome negative controlling energies, which though having their own purpose, these energies the species must control themselves, and lend resulting energy to sustain positive controlling forces of energy.

In many of the known theories this is given in one scenario or the other as the light against the dark. The overall principles are not nearly so simple. Yet for the Humankind existence, its subspecies and its subsets, the concept is not so foreign. How all relates together along with Higher Creation and Humankind's place therein, a basic and intense knowledge of all science, realistic principles, systems, ability to conceive alternatives, and general adherence to principles of the supernature system, naturally physical and spiritual, currently visialized as God, must hereby and forever be increased and properly put to use.

Humankind, or Man, has been granted title to his Kingdom, a Kingdom within the Kingdoms Of God. The dark, knowing upon this Earth its time is coming to an end will lash out through the flesh, using weapons of violence and war, to attempt to continue its supremacy and subvert the acknowledgement of the Kingdom. For some time it shall seem to be the victor, even ruling over those of Authority in many ways.

During my time here these influences shall become known, and those who partake joyfully in such aspects of their power will not be able to hide their ways and means, and their glorification of sin will be unmasked, and their ways against the Word shall be set ever increasing, until they are cast from the Kingdom and made to serve the dark for eternity.

Although the granting of the Kingdom has been known, is known, and for a time shall be, it solely rests as to the responsibility of Humankind, as to what levels of existence the reality of Human Life is furthered. Let no false perceptions of power reign. Ultimate power rests with the Creator, not controlling Systems.

Through Divine Wisdom, Divinity, Creation shall be furthered.

Humankind, as in flesh, shall never be pure. Although it has been achieved through the Animae Messiae, My Lord, that the Spirit may be. Know that it takes both the pertainer of the intelligence, the Mind, and that of the Blood, the Heart, to render the Spirit, or Soul. Neither one alone, will enable Humankind to remain and continue, and many factors of one relate to the other, such as do all parts of Creation in the animalistic, spiritualistic and natural states. Such as they do, they are of the specular and physical dimensions which make up Humankind's character.

Derision into subpolitical arenas concerning Truth, and the Extension of Life, breeds destructive sublife based on perceptions of Power; which are false, given to forces, misleading, repressive, and ultimately annihilating.

Being such, one can correctly say Humankind is evil, and it is good at the same time, though a simple deduction like that is not all fulfilling. Only by being able to understand and control the Balance, shall Humankind be one or the other. This takes Wisdom, and knowledge of the Word.

Therefore I say this now. I shall not need assure you of these things other than in Word; the assurance of all things which happen, the reaction of known and unknown forces, shall play out the Truth. Divinity shall be adhered.

In whatever form you understand God, Humankind shall know the Truth, otherwise, as the Word of God has spoken, the species shall lend its energies to the negative states, and lose its place in the Hierarchy of Creation, as well as its Intelligence, leading to the ceasing of the Species Character.

I, William Todd, as of Humankind, the Family Subset of West, have been granted the right to deliver the Word Of God, as given by God, revealed in my Spiritual Character Properties, which are of the Archangelic Order, over which an appointment from the Lord Of Angelic Order reigns, as given, for He is the Lord of all Angels; in Truth, Divinity is hereby revealed to You.

My vehicle from which revelation is delivered, or as in flesh, is a humanistic, animalistic creation, of a particular gender and race, born in the cosmic year known to Humankind as the Year of the Horse. Other Properties as to traits are of the Lion, and the Sun. My full given name as a man is graced and shall be known correctly at nine. Thereto; for Angelic Properties; which come from three as one for any entity, The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; you may know also that I am of the third, among others, which is of the Word.

My Spirit, during the time I am upon this Earth bears the Great Seal of the Army of Heaven, for I serve in His Order, for His Name, My Master being known as the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, I bear testimony of Jesus Christ.

After the initial revealing, I shall take back the original Seal of my Order, causing many to say I am of the dark. Yet evenso, I shall bear a new Seal which purposes for this time and forevermore. It is not such a seal the dark embraces, it is the opposite or inverted; so as my Order has been separated for purposes. The dark angel shall no longer claim deception in full against any who bear my Seal. I cannot afford symbols taken by groups or any religion fostered by man, lest they do so unknowingly; for my house is Master over all Natural State Shields and Seals, regardless of who claims such right.

My Seal is not indicative of the proper one for Humankind; that Seal and Shield is the Cross upright, wear it in Love, for it has great Power.

I know, am witness to, and in part of that which knows and is, the Master of Creation, or Spirit of God. I have come to exalt those which shall be bonded with those of the Orders of Heaven, in furthermore creating existence, in defiance of its destruction.

Let It Be known.



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