Both a primary cause of disability along with the Nephroptosis is an ever worsening condition called Stenosis. At the bottom of the page after the pictures is a PDF containing Dr. Gay's review and evaluation.



These two shots from the full MRI linked at the bottom of the page shows, in the area around the crosshairs, deterioration of the vertebrae, and in this picture you can see the deterioration of the vertebrae above the crosshairs. Where the areas are not smooth you can clearly see the erosion of the bone, and you can also see the missing and collapsed disc at and around the cross hairs.

The almost white areas you see on the vertebrae is inflamation. When I have problems with these lower two vertebrae often I can barely walk, and even movements using my hips and lower back is extemely painful. When the collaped disc at the cross hairs allows those nerves to be pinched, I will get hard shooting pain and numbness throughout my hips and legs.

These problems also affect my muscle coordination and overall strength capacity for "substantial work". requirements. At this time in late 2021, this condition has deteriorated to the point I often cannot stand stationary more than 3-5 minutes. I cannot walk more than 100 yards without considerable pain and cannot carry weight up or down inclines nor steps.

I also cannot bend over or squat without pain. If I get down on my knees or prone on the ground it is very painful to stand back up. Moving side to side with my legs anyhow not straight, is painful. Using ladders or elevated platforms is risky. If I get down completely in this part of my back, which in late 2021 is often three or more days a week, I can hardly get out of bed or walk at all.


This X-ray shows multiple stenosis in my upper neck. This causes shooting pains. numbness and weakness from my shoulders on down. Especially in my hands. This condition disallows substantial work requiring lifting, holding or using those limbs in a stationary position; increasingly short periods of time able to sit and use keyboard input devices which are stationary, including relative input devices such as computer mouse or extensive keypad entry.

Both numbness in my arms, back and shoulders were mentioned in my initial disability filing in 2015. I do not have updated images of my neck at this time in 2021, but the condition has worsened considerably in six years.

Sleep position can cause the problems in my upper spin to become inflamed with intense pain and numbness resulting from sleeping in an position but on the back with the arms out in the cross position; sleeping on the chest or sides will result in hard pain in upper extremeties for at least the following day. Sleep is restless from both the spinal problems in my neck and shoulder region on down to the lumbar region. This impacts ability to work as well.

I awake often in pain throughout a sleep session because of these spinal problems.

Video from which the MRI pictures were sourced, with Doctor remarks.

MRI Doctor Evaluation - Lumbar Region - PDF (above)

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