Disability/SSI reapplied for September 26th, 2021. That filing plus related is available here at the end of this claim. Current working order: Nephroptosis (this page), Stenosis (next page), Rectal Fissure (page three), Melanoma (page four), Earlier Claim Review (page five), Current claim documents (page six).

My initial filing for disability in 2015 focused on spinal problems, which at that time seven years ago mostly centered on my middle and upper back, not on my lower lumbar region. The following MRI pictures taken in 2020 show Nephroptosis and lower back Stenosis.

Spine and kidney problems are not the only disabling problems. Forced long term exposure to microwave and radio frequency radiation have caused a number of severe problems. More information relative follows the below information centered on nephroptosis and lower spine causes of disability.


The pictures on this and the following pages are taken from an MRI I had done in the spring of 2020. I initially wanted upper and neck as well yet that requires a seperate session using sedation.

These MRI images are with me lying down. You can see both kidney's are very low, the worse is the damaged kidney on the right side of the image, which looking straight on from above is actually my left kidney. It appears considerably lower than the right one. When I stand up it drops even lower. I did not have problems with this kidney until I had a near-fatal bike accident in the spring of 2000. Within a few months following the accident, I began having pain and serious reoccuring UTI's.

The infections at first consisted mainly of frothy, rank smelling urine which gradually got worse over time. After a year or so I began having very dark urine and over a bit more time began having internal pain. The same wreck damaged my spine as well. The back problems, primarily middle and upper back, hard numbness in extremeties, loss of strength begining immediately after the accident and the UTI's months later have grown more frequent over time. At this point in 2021 have been past disabling for physical labor for almost a decade.

This first picture also shows good a bone chip which comes from a collapsed lower vertebrae. Spinal problems are more closely examined following these of the kidneys.


It was not until around 2004 when I was able to afford to go to the doctor that I took any prescription medication for the urinary tract infections. Up till then and mostly after I treated the infections using herbology. Especially concerning my kidneys, copious amoungs of aloe vera. I believe that has helped me remain at stage one chronic kidney disease free of large stones despite frequent infections.

This picture shows the kidney on my pelvis pretty good. It rubs raw down around my llium as I move. I have had it infected and raw for so long it infected my pelvis and left leg. Basically my entire lower left side. Into the bone. The worse period began in January of 2020 when the infection made it to where I could not put any pressure on my left leg, or left side; including lifting any type of weight where the left side pelvis and leg were needed. Now well over a year later when I feel heavy pressure in my pelvis region, numbness, tingling and pain, it requires me to have days of bed rest basically staying off it to ward off having it become infected again.

This type of kidney displacement is often referred to as Ectopic. In my case the much lower displaced left kidney as shown stays in my pelivs even when lying down and upon standing drifts even lower into the pelvis. Though most of the time this condition begins pre-birth, the trauma of the biking accident in 2000 was the first time I experienced urinary tract infections at all, especially of the type and severity I have had for over 20 years now since the accident.


This picture gives a good idea of the degree to which the kidney has dropped. Either sitting or standing it feels like I have a hard object pressing down onto my left leg. Like a bowling ball it feels like. Standing it feels considerably worse.

It not only feels like it is pushing down but also forward. Often just putting pressure on my left leg while walking will jar it and send hard shooting pains. I had initially thought prior to having this MRI done that I had either a hernia mesh failure from a past hernia surgery or a new hernia because of the pressure and pain when in certain positions or trying to lift anything heavy.

When I had this MRI done I did not expect to find I had not a hernia but a kidney causing this pressure pain problem. I knew I had developed much worse lower back problems than when I had filed for disability. As shown in my initial appeal in June 2015 after having been denied, I called further attention to the fact I was having both kidney and lower back problems. The kidneys nor other stated problems were looked at when even later I was sent by the government for examinations. It took myself personally after not being able to work, or work very little, five years to save up to get this one series of MRI.

The damaged kidney also has a possible duplicate collection system which further causes problematic pain and infections.

Except for my descriptions of kidney damage in the paperwork linked in the paragraph above in 2015, the Nephroptosis was not uncovered until this MRI of 2020 and related follow up doctor appointments focusing on the kidney in 2021.

I was also denied Medicaid by the State Of Georgia in my initial SSI application, which basically denied me timely medical care of most sorts because of my limited finances, because the State Of Georgia refused to expaid Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Denying me basic health care offered to US Citizens living in States which did expand Medicaid. This seems to be a type of discrimination since Medicaid expansion was available to all States under the ACA.

I feel this has led to further unnecessary deteriorations in my health.

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