I'm tend to be my own worst enemy. Yet however reckless and stupid some of my actions may seem, it has resulted in many big timers showing their true colors. And they're not always, in fact hardly ever, true to the red white and blue.

In 2006 I sent letters to all members of Congress in the US, The President, heads of state in over 100 nations, the UN and many within, media and just about anyone else who might be capable of making positive use of the info, things as Free People, as World Council members on our own accords, have long discussed and feel may be beneficial to our people and to the World as a whole.

Not that we, me or as a group are so important anyone would or should give a fuck, yet the multi-page letter touched on a few things we all were and still are concerned about.

Natural state systems and processes belong to us all. That was a central theme as well as offering some tips to make the best of it.

Stuff like using human waste as an energy source, and suggestions on how to do it, stopping the destruction of the planet by governments and corporations for their own greedy purposes and instead using such power to achieve a more sustainable harmony and a stipend for all (See National Pension Plan); using instruments such as public states to fund and finance massive needed project buildouts without burdening the people, instead have the system work for them, all of them....pretty positive stuff really.

There is no "leader" or head figure of The Free. The Free People who make up the World Council are not in any kind of groups relative to the "world council", for each individual person makes their own decisions. There are no registrations nor member rosters. Yet it is designed as a true democracy. As such each person as an individual speaks for themselves in public voice by a manner in which they feel appropriate, or come together to offer; based on decency, honesty, and reality.

As the Author of The Book Of Divinity and the founder of The World Council, contacting as such and offering liaison was my choice. I kept a few copies of my simple letter to offer help. Where they are at I am not certain but if and when I find them I will post them. Should be nothing alarming in them to anyone in their right minds....

Yet in The Book Of Divinity I talk about things nation states would not like, at all. A lot of these letters got read, and links to stuff online (like the Book Of Divinity) had heavy traffic from places like Israel, Russia, all Five Eye nations and China too. I say this because each nation state had links in the materials they received set up in a way it'd almost have to be from certain areas, regardless if they used VPN's or things like TOR.

So at least some in those great and powerful entities read and went looking using the links in the letters. Yet when people say it could be any of those nations capable of yielding these weapons to have used them on me, I have to say sure it could be a foreign power somehow doing it from afar (see satellites); yet it wasn't the mossad, KGB (or whatever they are called now), nor the chinese doing things in close proximity to me, like aggravated long term stalking and using stingrays.

Yet by God you don't just talk truth to power. Power will ignore or be merely aware of you at the lowest level, get on up there it gets concerned you may be a threat to it. So it will need to assess how much of a threat and of what type are you.

In short, it will show you, people or group, who's your daddy. If it feels you are a threat, out of concern, hatred or fear, it, power, will seek to negate you. Control you, and if need be, destroy you.

This is the heart of the true beast. All countries that use weapons of silent violence, like those talked about in this issue, have this beast in their heart. For they seek to see, hear, know, and control all. They are bold with their "science" and feel they have spectral domination over all.

By their actions they prove these things to me, and I shall take it this is their answer to my offering. The things you read about herein shall, until otherwise, as their response. I'll use these things in My Judgement of this great and mighty state here on Our planet.

You will see The Great beast shall hide and lie about these wicked things done using these weapons; yet at some time in the future, not be able to hide such things from My People. It may continue to dazzle those under it's spell who worhip it with it's BS, but these weapons shall be come known. As well as what they are doing with them.

It hates those who dare to speak to it in ways it does not deem proper. Hence I can understand why it would hate me.

That excuses it's behavior, continuing, not one god damned bit.

Understanding this, gives some insight into what probably figures in as to however and whomever made the decision to implement use of of electromagnetic weaponry against me. How much of, at what level in these decades long running group of raging shenanigans I don't know, yet seemingly considerable.

You just don't do those things. NOT without expecting to catch hell.

In the US you are "free" to publish whatever your thoughts on subjects may be. Repercussions, indeed. Most know and understand this.

Yet if you want to speak to people further on up the ladder outside of public statements, you will need to get with your "representatives" who in turn will funnel your ideas if worthy of effort and time, supposidly, into a more broad arena controlled by the powerful ones.

However though word of "you" or your "group" reaches the ears of the "powerful ones" and they take notice? Being the Kings and Queens, the gods in their minds of the earth that they are, of course it'll be whatever they decide, they'll chance it that folks are just crazy and there is not a god but if so be this ain't what and how the preacher and the good book say...

The Gang Of Eight or the "most powerful man in the world" the "Leader Of The Free World", words gets to those big ballers, ALL them long term commitee Congress folks, your "reps", they'll damned well have a say. Just it won't ever be said, especially to the peon. Or to the open public.

Could you imagine WTF, seriously, if it was known as factual such "technology" has been and is being leveled against people in "this" land?

That's how it was in reality. No one has ever came and talked sensibly, honesty, nor based in respect and understanding to me. I've been around for a while, ain't no mystery train, 'cept for those folks made up in their minds and pushed as agendas some cockeyed conspiracy.

Why I only speak directly to the public now.

Lots more can be written here, let's just say for the best, a representative style republic will often fail here. Which was outlined. True Democracy is hard, our system in the US and most governmental systems around the world do not use it, only as pretense, if that, in most cases.

Our representative style government is failing here in the US, yet that was not a focus of that corresponding. A that time, 2006, things were gang busters, such as they are now in 2019 when I initially wrote this edition of the zine, flat out better than they've ever been.

Not really, that's a facade, but sure seems to be the state of things. Things are GREAT!

So the little citizen should cheer the great men and women of power who have delivered this greatness, congratulate themselves as a nation and people maybe, say look how well the system, our system, runs.

Not perfect but man life is GOOD! If you have problems sure you can talk, but you want in on the round table son, get with your rep!

We busy with more important things and people....if there is a real concern, your rep will relay it on up....

That's how they want it to work. Tells you that's how it goes, and when you go outside those protocols, you're gonna get serious problems developing.

Sure you can bombard your reps with letters, phone calls, faxes, emails about the causes and concerns you are passionate about....but that's not what I meant or even what I did. When I speak of public voice I don't mean more public statements a-la free speech, I mean make decisions for yourself and it be binding. We The Free People, we tend to speak for ourselves.

Very few, if any truly Free people I know tow any party line. At least not here in the US. Because they as I recognize if you do, you play the stupid cheer leading my side game of politics presented to occupy the masses. While the Kings and Queens play God with all of our lives.

Of course to most third parties and to those in actual authority and those who operate under a pretense of power, even a literal sense, telling such important people they are fucking up and offering suggestions to make what they've fucked up a bit better is crazy, hell yes you will get the wrong type of attention.

It's not that I don't know that, disregard that, or am stupid enough to think otherwise. It also maybe shows things better left unknown. As in, exposes evil when it masquarades as good. It is a very simple and effective way to do it.

Read on, think it worked well. That was not the intention, only good things, yet it also, inadvertantly somewhat shows how a side of your wicked world, often thrives just under the surface, while the rest of the world ignores it or does nothing about it because it is so massive and strong.

So by 2007 I was in other file folders I betcha. By the time I had finished writing folks, around 2010ish, we were already getting responses. Oh no not folks gettin' back properly, but the weird shadow which is your true deep state, your intel agencies and purveyours of clandestine systematic slavery and abuse, THE BEAST, was damned well aware and "looking" into things.

"Humming right along in checking everything about you, out. That don't work to get what we need to make it how we want it, team delta black bag jobbers deploy...."

For your benefits of course, just in case I was a bad guy. Or not a bad guy just a "threat" to the great and powerful of the mighty state. Or just a crazy fool, which is the narrative I'd say on a hunch mostly given if someone asked someone.....

And no one ever then, or up to now, ever came and talked sensibly, or intelligently, just abuncha crazy dark as hell bullshit. Crazy ass shit, THE MADNESS, you been reading about in here.

Just I am however you want to put it, stupid, crazy or brave enough (all three, add a few more, then stick that in yer blender) to be seen as a madman but dude is no where near as crazy as the wicked shit you got going on.....

Why I say this now, why this zine was written.

So you can see the darkness in your midst, the evil that compels and controls you, that which rules your world.

Of course if similar was going on, say important people to real authority were getting the same treatments, maybe from bad people, maybe their own, I am not sure....

Hell son damned congress would be making a show of investigatin' that.

It would be alarming, might "WARRANT" some looking into, maybe by congressional committee or by a special task force set up by the state.

But not really probably, by those supposed to be looking out for them and us all. I say not really because a few know wtf is really going on and who has done such wicked things. HERE AND IN BOTH CUBA, CHINA AND ELSEWHERE

Yet tell you, the public, the actual truth? Oh Hell no. That shit is classified. Look at yes, exposing to the public you won't, using the ways given you or you forge, you will only get so far.

Then the truth threatens power, and it will be shut down, as much as possible or competely.

Happened here. Betcha happens to the victims of the EMF attacks in cuba and china. The actual truth about what was done to them will be danced around, even though it is known and those looking into it could explain it fully attaching names of people and the weapons used.

Here too though we see a clear double standard. Important gummit people falling prey to the evil ruskies and chinese in a foreign land? Let's investigate!

Dude in Georgia? Hell he's crazy as a motherfucker. Schizo. Check him out too, in case he has something to do with harming our people.....quiet though, too much media on this already....

Uh huh. Yeah buddy.

That is sad. In addition it should be infuriating. Living lies under cover of darkness so as not to give away secrets and hurt important people and systems is a wicked, evil undertaking. One this country, and as we see in other places of the world, is deeply immersed in.

A World-Wide Beast which focuses on hearing and seeing all. Same wickedness spawned under many names, using the same types of dark weaponry, world wide.

It will end badly. Very, very badly.

Now you can put just that rant and what it's about, including some of the information that follows in folder 2, marked era B. A+B gives us Era C.

From a few local and state socios to full blown out Madness from more powerful entities, including it seems just outright high echelon criminals. Yet working in a type of synergy, a fusion. Let's head towards and into the 21st century and the third decade of all this horseshit....


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