After the military checked the scene when I moved to Cartersville, I paid a bit more attention to electronic stuff going down. Was it a test run, checking what was there, or planning on placements? Out there maybe? The insane infrasonic EMF terror had returned for a few months by that time after being quit for the first few months after I'd moved.

My computer at the time was a Lenovo laptop which started giving me problems after I went on the excursion to help with moving a couple years earlier, came back and the case was busted. I had gotten that computer because the one my son gave me after my G-5 quit, a toshiba, had a bad power jack and was prone to just turning off. I had taken it apart to try and replace the jack but it seats into the plastic in a way if you want to replace that jack, you'll need to get one that will fit or you'll need to cut out the holder in the body and wire up another jack. I tried fixing the jack it had but probably made it worse it got to the point a power cable would not stay connected and the battery had been long dead. But the audio input to the machine had pass through.

As with MANY if not most computers, you will get bad latency on input signals if the computer processes the sound before passing it through to your ears. Some machines don't do this, with nonspecific average run of the mill consumer devices it is or at least was, hit or miss, you can plug something in the mic input, have a set of headphones on, and hear it immediately, even without an application running. I call this pass through. Some applications are worse about latency with others, but unles you have a proper sound card and processing circuit set up for specifically low-no latency on audio, many computers which process the audio in before you hear the signal are hell to worthless to work with in the studio.

The Mac G-5 I had had no latency on the input signal and GarageBand band worked without problems, but that computer had quit on me in 2010. Mac's were and from what I hear still more A/V friendly and from my experince I can state absolutely so, though with video and sound cards and the right set ups specifically for A/V production I've seen nice rigs, super nice, with both Windows and Linux as the base systems.

Yet right prior to leaving to where I now lived I was still trying to work with the old Toshiba in the studio because the Lenovo had no pass through it processed the audio in, the toshiba had messed up hardware but had pass through. So the album I started on the Toshiba late in 2012, Revolution, when I got the Lenovo I had spent most of 2013 into 2014 trying to use it by transferring the files I did on the Toshiba onto Lenovo and finishing the album. I had problems with the program Audacity, from one machine to the next and on the Lenovo often I would get everything set up and be able to work a while then the next day could not even get the thing to accept a signal...

Then with the Lenovo I'd notice the wifi was active and would have terminal windows pop up just for a split second. I began to have serious corruption problems on the Lenovo, with files becoming unuseable, and often locked with permissions changed. I was totally raising hell about chinese garbage online, constantly, and did this for YEARS. I just figured computers were pure shit, at least that was my luck. But I did start looking over event logs and registries which seemed filled with too much stuff happening for no good reasons. Still, even with this going on, and the machine mysteriously getting busted when I am sure I was not home, I didn't run and start thinking I am under attack....

My Bad. With that I'd like to say a bit about responsibility before going any further.

One of the reasons I almost didn't do this zine is because it's some whiny ass piece of work, to me. Fuck all this, but most of all fuck me worrying about it. Up until this time, till I moved from Adairsville, I had not spent years worrying booger bears were out to get me or ghosts from the past were haunting me, fuck all that paranoia.

Yes I did look into WTF was up with all this surging humming and infrasonic nightmare cacophony. As it shows, spent more than a few hours. If you have that in your life, hey, betcha you will do a bit of learning yourselves. Yet until the same infrasonic problems in Adairsville started happening in Cartersville, I clearly slacked on getting to the bottom of it...

Same with computers, and the over all situation as a whole. I have to be the one to take responsibility for allowing some if not much of this horseshit, since, what then at the time was 2015, should even be occuring much less being built upon. Yes looking back I paid enough attention to notice, especially the electromagnetic problems, and as I said I noticed stupid perverted motherfuckers I know now were early breeders sending me IM's about fucking in my own house and wanting pictures of me jacking off on my feet....

How the fuck could you NOT notice?

But I allowed this growing mess to get to the point when I had no other choice really but to become concerned with it and find out without doubts who was behind it, pieces or as a whole. Even paying closer attention, by 2018 when my dog was poisoned, my house invaded and everything from a simple internet connection, phone service, or use of any computer I had was denied me, a decades long in the making take-down was in the pipe it seems, guaranteed to go down. Regardless of how much attention or not I was paying.

I think you should take responsibility for your lack of paying attention to what the fuck is going on in your life, and it is your responsibility to live your life in some kind of reality that can be in some ways free, and enjoyable. It's up to you. Mostly. Other people, or groups of people continuously forcing narratives and impinging on that goes far beyond illegality per the US Consitution and state law, but is just plain sorry as fuck and beyond messed up and indecent.

Beginning after I moved I decided I had endured far more than enough of this infrasonic electromagnetic bullshit. I had removed the electronic meter off my house, looked around with radio monitors and detectors and began using ways of my own creation because other ways were either not available nor affordable, to determine the most likely cause. I already knew it was electromagnetic related, probably induced resonance type weaponry (like cellular radar or a host of signals introduction & capture specific devices) which I thought so at first to begin with, but with what time I put into it, through 5-6 years at this point, deducing what the actual culprit may be and how it is done still wasn't clear above mere theories...

I didn't know how really (to start with), BUT the infrasonic problems I faced back in Adairsville became an increasing problem at the new location. I now was only less than a 100 yards or so from a cell tower, so I began my looking into there once by early 2015 the problems worsened considerably. I contacted the owners and let them know i was interested in having field testing done, specificlly to look for things such as cellular radar being used, since the values and sensation of these intrusions was being caused by something which acted like pulsed electromagnetic waves, as in a type of radar.

The navy man at the end of the line defintiely knew what I was talking about. He had knowledge, prob some skillz. Anyways the tower company did come out here and move antennas a few times when I complained, which began to be often. Finally they gave me to a lessor who either didn't have a clue what I was talking about or who's job it was to deal with irritants like me.

2015 again as I stated above I was having terrible computer problems but no money to buy another new one. I did get a couple of used but newer machines on the cheap, and they were fine, worked well for a short while.

Then like what had become increasingly common, start being fucked up to so unstable they could hardly be used. Basically could not get shit done.

Now though by 2015 I was starting to look at why.

Besides all this being chinese junk, stuff stopped being coincidences and began to look like more concerted efforts.

Things such as wifi in use all the time, though I'd disable it and would watch it.... All off, then wham it's on, firewall settings changed, remote connections now allowed, guests been logging on; above file corruptions, temp directories for who knows what, partitions and crazy shit like just shut the fuck down and restart at the most inconvenient times so work is lost....

It started looking far beyond just a tad not right from an operator or administration standpoint. I'd get crazy stuff like I was no longer the system administrator, or there was no account for certain file and folder permissions but it wasn't windows, or me, or a proper app, one of five or six unknown accounts....malware finders hitting, shit in quarantine constantly.

I'd sniff incoming traffic and with the machine idle there was a ton of what looked like scanning, and done in a way it's not easy to follow back. Typical elementary hacking stuff, but it looked dedicated. 1300 attempts across ports I never heard of of with various protocols on an idle machine without applications running except the sniffer or logger? Someone wants in....

Someone is in.

I was and had been tired of not being able to use my machines for studio work, or have files on my machines I constantly had to back up and replace because they were increasingly becoming corrupted and nonuseable....

Yeah I thought, I should pay a bit more closer attention. Was all this crazy shit related? Started to look like that was a very good possibility.

In looking into electromagnetics a few years earlier I had began to study up more on IMSI Catchers. After I saw a demonstration online of what can be done in active mode, by 2014/2015, and knowing I had had phone conversations intercepted in the past, as well as a smart phone with no data service hacked (all cellphones use data services, but above phone calls and texting you generally have to pay for data alloted specifically to use the internet via one), so the possible use of IMSI catchers, perhaps running years now since some of this had been going on for too long, looked more than likely.

Yet I'd still need to compile this, get a narrative with backing evidence, physical above and including empirical, and be able to use such infomation as factual by the evidence gathered. I really wasn't that interested, still mostly raising hell about cheap chinese bullshit...

My bad. By 2015 I should have been looking much closer. I raised plenty of hell about government abuse, but I was one of thousands who did. By the second decade of the 21st century though, entering three solid decades in, evidence points to a much broader push. We went way past people trying to prove or pin, and being angry, to dedicated criminal activity running over spans of time.

I was tired of it yes, but I'd have to fish who what and were out, and as I said fuck a buncha paranoid time wasting. Far as I was concerned efforts I had made to understand the reality of the situation were above and beyond far too much already....


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