good reasons why they DON'T want you to look into these things closely

A primary hacking weapon, above it's passive and even normal active uses, being part of a suite of weaponry deployed over long periods of time against Me were IMSI Tracking Devices & surveillance tools. The type and models are not specifically verified, yet these readily available, some professionally made specifically for surveillance markets, have been well known for sometime as useful clandestine weapons used on the citizenry, mostly under guise, mostly illegally.

We have much more going on with electromagnetic weaponry than usage of "IMSI". Oh hell yes.

Cellular radar, commonly known as Celldar seems to have been heavily deployed in this decades long debacle. Even special treatments from forces unknown (think satellites). Yet let's stay a bit and look at the legal use of these Active IMSI devices. Which if done correctly, SHOULD require the use of easily documented warrants.

Warrant wise, as the collected evidence shows and that to be collected will show; all the years this abuse and harassment have been going on there have BEEN NO WARRANTS, PERIOD.

"IF" there are any for these shenanigans after I observed national entities clearly involved, which has been years ago at this point, how many of these things are running and for what purposes, since we are talking late 1980's to start up TO PRESENT DAY 2019; it will be shown whatever "paperwork" or legal obligations were set up by the National Overseer ENTITES as to the conduct and charter of the entities under it's control, are not even in the ball park to be proper, correct, or legal due to the substantial verification of crimes going on for long periods of time in My case.

This public zine is just a very small reality into the situation. A better concise publication of fact, above a media instrument, is hampered, by the failure of the nation, state, and local justice systems, legislative systems, and overall governmental systems to be capable of construction and implementation of situations sustaining financially realistic circumstances to allow inclusive, productive collection of evidence and the obtainable means and methods, being overly expensive and complex, be available to the common man. Much less a poor, long term abused harassed and degraded person under the auspices of the type of Monster described herein.

No way in hell I could ever come close to reasonably protecting myself or fight this abuse through our given and mandated must-use court system, with the overbearing tyrannical system of allowed misconduct, sewn into the national fabric at this time in history. In all ways, it costs too damn much, and that is easy to see, to be much use in pursuing justice in a case such involving such as SHADOW, and is a well known part of this systematic failure when poor must fight huge, well funded Overseer Organizations. Even well funded, connected groups of Free People and those who wish to preserve and extend freedom no matter the "affiliation", could not slay this beast simply through conventional, allowed means of your justice systems.

History will prove My statement true.

Whereas the perpetrators blazenly flout their wealth & power, down to destroying the most private, intimate, and should be secure instances in one's life. Such as in their homes. These type of perverse acts, criminal conspiracy, and long term abuse is granted supposedly some kind of legitimacy by intense "something", wtf I am not sure. This is the snake hole, not the rabbit hole so it was not the illuminati, new world order, nor Soros or some other nonsense which did this to me.

It is sure to be the laws and the government, that makes those things that deep, dark, unseen state I am talking about page or two ago. For Americans do not approve or do this, the US, like I said, sure looks like it does. I will guarantee you it (as in the US Federal Government) knew all about "me" and the hell I have been raising about use of electromagentic weapons inside the US, long before their own got the "treatment", and can find EXACTLY the people involved who use(d) these weapons.

For they are often some of their own, who do whatever the hell they want to, as long as Americans overall or in large numbers are ignorant about it and will believe without question what they are told specifically about it. For otherwise is to bring the great wrath of the elite and powerful down upon them. So they, all are taught to fear. Like I said FEAR is at the core of all this, fear and lies, in the Age Of Paranoia.

Such as the seemingly wide open abuse of these types of technologies and illegal surveillace techniques, down to the home crew:

The cell tower in my neighborhood is less than 100 yards from my house. For my particular service provider the tower is within a half mile. To impinge upon these access points using IMSI or similar would naturally require a fairly close promimity. To be able to do it within a few hundred feet or less of my residence would be fantastic.

Besides wireless, using hardline connectivity, especially minimally tap free single node straight wire (like exists on my street, we have one non-wireless service provider of ye olde copper - AT&T), the closer you are pathway wise to the tap onto the trunk, the better you get.

Yet someone who would do such things, advertise it maybe, as though it don't matter, they dont care, and use all kinds of illegal electronic tools, maybe form a coalition of mission with civilians or those immersed in the civilian corps would be insane, or pretty stupid at the least because without warrants or even with, running over long periods of time you have such a legacy of abuse to believe a burden of proof exists would be rather shocking at such outright selection of guilt.

Like I said everyone has to live somewhere, so let's hope people would not be that incredibly damned stupid. Yet since, as I say again, we are talking decades of this wild shit, street theater and everything else involved to get the "bad guy", nothing surprises me in the least anymore.

One of the reasons I published this issue of the zine was to do a bit more to make people aware of what goes on with these electronics, and with social systems evolving around us all. There is a scattering of data about this stuff and these things via public data channels. Much of it is hodge podge, or cut and dry tid bits from court cases, some studies, but I found a severe lacking of compiled stories from people truly affected, by any of this stuff touched on herein.

Sounding crazy or not, and some "facts" or alludes I surely got wrong, but the seriousness and complexity of my experience related herein cannot be denied based on lack of evidence. It's rather lack of those who can provide actual factual evidence about this type of technology above what homeboy can collect from the streets have not the courage, fortitude, nor integrity to speak up and provide the truth.

Either people who know will tell you the truth about these weapons, or there will be enough basic information available that intelligent people will be able to know by logical reasoning and scientific methods, the truth themselves.

In fact, that threshold was passed long ago, decades ago, there is enough public information about these weapons actual and in theory, for crime scene reconstructions to be done properly by authorities and experts. If they won't or will lie to you, the basic information I know is available to anyone, for it is science, and there is no fucking thing as "secret science".

You don't hide natural state science from anyone. Not intelligent people. Not Free People who by birth are granted it's right. You might do whatever to hide, lie, or "debunk" intelligent analysis, but if you think you will war with natural science because you are it's master, you are a fool. You do not "rule" the natural state. It, like all gifts of the earth, are given freely to all of you.

I know that as an irreputable fact. So do not kid yourself, great masters of science, and war, otherwise.

For then if you do, AND YOU ARE, far as I can tell, there is no justice, there is no "integrity", there is no "freedom" in your system, just failure, evil, eventual collapse and utter devastation.

Is that all you are?. People need then to know exactly what you are. Monster. Beast.


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