As in China & Cuba also in USA

There was considerable hesitation on my part to do this zine, and I took "forever", yet some of why that is will become apparent IF YOU READ the entire zine, not just shit bit parts for your own media-style fantasy land. You'll have to listen a good bit too. Many of you have problems listening and reading, digesting, entire troves of information these days. We'll talk about some of that on here too.

As I've stated before I had thought about not writing this zine. So much bad and negative stuff here I'd rather go on to much more positive things.

A main problem with just going on is that without writing this zine in this manner, whole lot of negative stuff will continue to fester. Not only for myself but actually, for everyone.

To some degree the things you will read about here will go on anyways, and I'd be willing to bet, increase dramatically, for everyone.

That's in no way good. In fact it's a nightmare.

So let me say this in regards to continuing on, ignoring, or allowing things you will read about in here just to past as some internet blather, or, to overlook and merely hope for the best cause what can you do anyway. Basically choosing to stay ignorant and apathetic.......

Don't Do It.

That's in my case. Many and a growing number of people know and talk about the "cases" we get into at the bottom of this webpage, one tied into the reference to China and Cuba graphic above. For a long time hardly anyone ever knew about my "case". If they weren't involved, from the outside, it'd seem to anyone probably the usual excuses. He's crazy, drug induced psychosis, paranoia, the normal excuses not to look further.

In fact, you're about to enter a world of severe double speak. 1984 the novel and anything before or after, hasn't shit on this real deal narrative. It's rather mind blowing, but it is, hardcore reality.

So we'll have to start at the beginning, yet before we head back over 30 years ago to my own personal yada cumyada, we gotta have you take notice of some reality as of yet not dealt with properly. By that I mean those who know coming forth and being honest about it.

In a public manner.

If you haven't been following the news about the use of electromagnetic weaponry referenced following, it's more a big deal than you know. So get to know it.

You ready to ride that road? Let us begin.

Remember this? :

Those "Mysterious" "Invisible" weapons targeting "American Diplomats"? Story been running a few years now....NYT's leading the way (more in a minute why that's important).

And more when that story broke last year?



Yes Indeed.


These folks are supposed to be looking into it?

Got WTF that's all about? Remember? Good. Now let's go deeper, click the link that follows to go to the next page.