How the attacks were carried out against the employees and associates of the United States in Cuba and China I could not begin to tell you. I wasn't there.

How the types of weapons supposedly used were wielded I can only testify to my own experiences with similar here, and I am an American which lives in an area controlled by the United States Entity.

That the same who did it here, to me, did it there, to those people, is unlikely. Yet I do not know this as factual.

Generally, again just per my own experiences, studies and knowledge, the possible scenarios for applications of microwave weaponry, specifically radio devices based instead of brute force (non-radio) are thus:

Directed Radio Weaponry Attacks:

Classic intermediary receptor of transmissions - This is the transmitter/receiver including directed energy weapons (DEW) scenarios.

The easiest way to blast someone at a specific location is to have them in between the receiver and transmitter then crank that bad boy up.

If you want to finely tune your weapon, you can forego the simplier high-gain radio transmitter and receiver parts, and use a specially designed maser type device; or more traditional radio devices with tuneable antennas. For non-tuneable assaults, simply get close enough and use a magnetron or HERF weapon to blast the victim (brute force).

This brute force method is often what most people think of when they see or hear "microwave weapon". Yet getting close and using magneto type devices is not only crude, but dangerous often to the weilder and while popping you quick with lots of juice, if monitoring equipment is around, your ass is caught, quick like.

So let us return to the classic radio directed energy weaponry scenario:

This type of weapon requires the transmitter to be stationary and the antenna on site be capable of tuning. If you want to blast an area in proximity the most effective way is to move the receiver and broadcasting apparatus (i.e. antenna) in tangent.

If you do not use a receiver directly, and instead cast energy with a transmitter and amplify the signal with or without modulation, that is generally known as "deadheading". Filling space with RF energy which may have further applications is often known as "filling" or "flooding".

They all use a transmitter to induce the signal, and generally depending on application, amplify that signal(s). Some more recent developments also make use of things such as Spasers.

The receptor of transmission method works well in places where you have a low probability of being caught, easy access to the areas around the target, and control over the locals.

In surrounding buildings or in areas where you have places of concealment, place your transmitter. Put your receiver in the area where you want your broadcast to be picked up; either in proximity to the target area wise or in a straight line of sight where the target will be so that your transmission on it's way to the receiver makes the best contact with the intended target.

This is where the fallacy that radio waves (signals) go in a straight line; they do and they don't. The classic transmission scenario makes use of the fact that they do. The applications that rely on flooding (dead heading) and sonic (resonance) make use of the fact they don't, and are instead part of the ambient energy signatures (aura) in the ocean of reality.

Using the classic intermediary scenario put into play, you can deliver the most energy from your weapon onto the target the quickest. The second fastest way to deliver the most energy to your target is the Cook and Book.

Cook & Books - Mobile Short term immediate use of weaponry brought on-site. Using mobile microwave weaponry can also be akin to deadheading energy, yet as a more focused, specific type of attack; moreso than the flooding type scenario listed further on down.

The term comes from the 70's actually. When research and experiments into mobile microwave weaponry started to really hit it's stride. Old school intel people (spooks) called it cooking and booking because you applied the weapon (cooked) then got the hell outta there before you could be found and caught (booked). "Lets Book" has long been slang to let's get the fuck outta here.

You definitely could hit someone with a magnetron based weapon in a cook & book; or set up for a longer term DEW killbox (classic long term exposure) where people are trapped in close proximity to your weapon(s). Another good weapon for mobile attacks would be HERF guns.

Classic transmission & cook n books are the best ways to have a target receive the most energy from your weapon the quickest. However, they are not sublime and can be easy detected with proper equipment and training. You want to use your weapons in the most clandestine fashion, you use resonance of the flux.

Good 'ol resonance. The Hum of Legend. Motherfucker is everywhere radio is abused and misused. Especially microwave radio. Shit radiates for miles, through walls and through your body and mind. Welcome to today.


If you will go through some of the public stories about the use of microwave weaponry, specifically the one linked to in this zine from CBS News, you will find a reference to flooding principles, and references to a lawsuit brought by some of the actors once agents in these war pig games where such madness reigns.

Flooding is the application of increased energy in area zones for increased ability of observation, clandestine surveillance, forced interactions upon those in those areas, and possible additional nefarious purposes.

I t is directly illegal under the World Council's Environmental Pack. Is also referenced and substantially mentioned as a serious crime in the Dossier Act. In most countries, the United States included, you have no realistic laws protecting you from it.

Fourth Amendment to the United States Constituion would/does at the least apply. However always keep in mind these programs as extended by apparati of a federal government would always be classified and extremely clandestine in nature.

In other words, the mere existence of such weaponry will be more than likely denied therefore leading to a situation of plausible deniability built on deceit. Top secret national security protocols apply and simply put, in every instance, you'll not be allowed to access non-public factual information on these programs.

This includes, pretty much, the data concerning these federal related entities use of controlling ubiquitous or per needed introduced radio communication networks for relative clandestine activities, such as filling or flooding for radio hearing and radio vision activities.

In fact, most of your modern cellular large array microwave communication networks, including to some much smaller degree (non-beam-forming) the oncoming 5G small cell networks, relies upon a type of "flooding" to work as you have now.

Non-passive (active or interactive) as well as many types of reception only devices which gather or pass along available data such as cellular radar and sonargraphic radio device applications can also use wide area energy introduction to work. Natural state radiation systems (which radio is derived from) allows inclusion of energies produced by a matter of ways to be included in ambient signatures of any realized space.

Typically as the great and mighty human species does it, these things in radio land, like happens when broadcasting, require transmitters and receivers, such as one way (FM/AM/UHF/VHF), or transceivers for interactive (telephony/ham/cb/packeting) purposes.

Yet for attacking a sonofabitch to kill them softly and (you think) silently over extended periods of time, or using radio for multiple types of surveillance, making use of resonance is key.

Resonance Wrapping:

Here is an interesting experiment all can try. Get somewhere very quiet. This is harder than it sounds for many people. You'll need to get in a place where there are no tv's nor radio's playing. No computers humming in the background. It is better to be inside with the windows closed. Ambient noise such as roads or activities in close proximity are ok, but will need to be mostly far off in the background.

The time of day you do this experiment really doesn't count, but to achieve the final result, you may need to do it a few times a day, different days, to begin to recognize it. People I know who have tried this experiment say results are best defined in the dead still of the night. This is when atmospheric conditions allow notification or reception sensation wise to be at its peak as well....

If you are sitting there with it quiet and still, but there is still a very low, steady, or perhaps slightly pulsating buzz, or hum, that continues on for long periods of time, chances are, you are experiencing microwave resonance.

If you notice this low humming, one way to see if it is an electromagentic type signal surging, is to notice does it have a beat. Are the oscillations or portents of the "sound" segmented by a slight surge or "kick" which repeats at exact or almost exact intravals?

If so, that beat is probably a natural artifact being put out or created by whatever type of matrix is producing the broadcasting (or in passive systems the reception of - more on how this differs later) signal. Radio type signals always, or I should say generally, have a noticeable "beat". That beat can be associated with the expressed initial signature of the carrier signal.

Non-primary carrier modulation is generally how you get the ability to broadcast (including binaural) sound and video, and some types or broadcasts of radio packeting of octal/non-octal and binary, data.

Multi-modulation, out of phase signaling, over amplification, or increased dedicated interception schemes (powered reception antennas fall here) over wide spectrum will get you unwanted artifacts, and measurable degrees of occuring resonance.

Resonance is caused by crosstalk of signals which may magnify the noticeability of it's own stylistic "beat". You get resonance when the frequency of a signal stimulates or endows other frequencies with noticeable qualities, especially in amplitude and increased conglomerate signals saturation.

Introducing devices making use of plasmodic principles, such as both open and closed resonator designs incorporating either a laser or a material which reacts to a laser or electrodynamic quiery upon the space containing the material producing feedback can also cause noticeable cross-talk resonance.

The human condition (as entity) will often allow sense aware physiological variations related to introductions of resonance. Such as the discomfort it causes when at certain levels of certain frequencies at specific times and variables.

L ike, somewhat, the hearing of not only the notes within a chord, but the vibrations it causes relative to other sounds not of the chord operating in conjunction expression wise, and the variables of environment the chordal expression is experienced in.

To tell if this sound you are "hearing" is more so than you actually feeling it, you can test to see if you get readings with high end lab quality microphones (you won't get a reading with most commerical studio mics if the signal is infrasonic), lab grade quality spectrometers or sensor arrays in a cross-referencing setup, or you can check with your senses for the detection of attenuation.

If you are noticing this resonance, simply move your head from one side to the other. The "signal" or "noise" will seem to fade out, to decrease in "volume", then jump right back up to what it was soon as you stop your head moving.

Before going further this is a natural phenomenon involving your sensing organs (ears), your brain suspended in your head, and the channels, tissues, generally the physiology of your animal self will produce awareness of this moving and attenuation "naturally".

We are using this ability to sense increased introductive energies in your near space. It doesn't take much of this introduced energy of specific frequencies (rf - microwaves at very low power, radio and near radio band at much greater power levels) to greatly increase it's noticeability and effects. Some people are extremely sensitive to this normally, some not at all.

If you think you have a strong "signal", like this resonance is easily noticeable, simply moving an arm up and down near your head, just once or twice to check, will produce stark attenuation. If you get up and move, then suddenly stop and stand completely still and these fields are strong, you will notice it, strong attenuation, as well.

This attenuation is caused by you cutting through the energy which is apparent in the resonance. The electromagentic waves there will somewhat act like soundwaves do or moreso something dropping into a lake causing ripples when stimulated (introacted). You are immersed, wrapped up in this energy, so you are like something moving in this ocean, causing your own ripples.

You just being there, sans moving, produces readable radiation surrounding and present in the near (actually pretty far) space of you physically.

Variation in these ripples & radiative effects you are causing through this resonance can be read by sensors into machines. Sensed by devices at a distance "passively", or interacting by injection of their own signaling, or reading signals introduced or already there from other parties; such as radar and sonar does.

So, cellular radar and sonargraphic radio applications will make use of this resonance caused by you being subjected to energies introduced by a number of things, the earth's natural magnetic fields included.

About 25-30% of those who try this experiment will notice, if they have resonance wrapping, immediately and often. Those people almost all will get some level of hypersensitivity to electromagentic forces.

Fully another 30-40% percent of you who notice resonance wrapping will be able to notice it some of the time in a quiet space. Somewhere around a quarter to 30ish percent of any general group of peeps will not ever or extremely rarely, notice this resonance, this hum.

This is the infamous world wide hum. It can occur without microwaves saturating your space; some types of natural environmental phenomenon and other type of resounding signals can cause it.

In our world today with wireless being it is almost exclusively microwaves. Resonance wrapping occurs almost everywhere the conglomeration of signals intersection and saturations reach the right amounts and frequency overlaps to bring about this type of resonance so one can detect it by their own senses. Especially if it is infrasonic.

Welcome to your wonderful world your masters have given you of wireless microwave communications being ubiquious everywhere! Technology is a wonderful thing! Always making "things" better, eh?

When I was a child, yourselves as well if you are over the age of probably 30, can remember when this humming resonance wasn't everywhere.

That's because the cellular systems we all use today for smartphones and all other types of wireless networking by the masses wasn't built out yet. In fact I would guess, without having further data, that noticing this resonance, would have been rare to nonexistent as a wide ranging occurance, even 20 and definitely 30 years ago.

We got cell towers coming along everywhere about then, and ever increasing since. With the introductions of billions of cellphones, smart meters, and everyone's car being networked, along with IOT coming on, all increasing in the past two decades. Satellite signals figure in as well, from even before the beginning of microwave resonance problems.

Reading resonance, whether it introduced or natural, as well as reading or even observing sensoring activity; i.e. infrasonic/ultrasonic/infrared/audible/visual, when applied in a collective manner, for malicious or nefarious purposes, or to build nonspecific libraries of data therefrom, are illegal per both the Environmental Pact (as Aura Weaponry) and the over all principles of The Dossier Act.

Observation of movements void of using electronic sensory equipment can also be included per privacy considerations, but not in general electromagentic weapon deployments against individual targets above offensive criteria.

Some nations offer rudimentary to advanced directives against uses of electromagnetic weaponry against civilians; but that many countries use aura type weaponry like a Russian Race horse heading for the open vodka bar makes it obvious to see nation states would rather be able to use these things against people, than to protect people from them. At least from my experiences....

In The Madness, beginning in earnest circa 2009 ( see blog link page 2), I began noticing and being affected by strange surging in electromagnetic resonance where I lived in Adairsville, and five years later where I lived in Cartersville. I cannot completely rule out classic intermediary use of radio weapons, but pretty much completely can cook and books without extensive allocations of sensors or resonator devices tuned specifically which would be receptive to energy output when the transmitting device is in close proximity.

Using realistic modeling, the most logical way this resonance thickened around me, was the use of amplified antennas in close proximity to me, which either were high enough gain to cause interference on their own, or interacted with devices whose antennas/sensors are tuned to read or receive such amplified signals, causing resonance by near field (close signals in X-frequency band) reactions.

I believe it was a bit of both.

So what type of radio devices could cause this?

Cellular radar easily if it introduces it's own signaling processes, Sonargraphic radio (which uses tunable spectral devices) it would be how it worked at the core, and active (or interactive) use of radio equipment reading and interacting with frequencies the equipment is designed to integrate with, especially would be subject to resonance one can notice if frequency hopping is deployed as well as the use of linear radio amplifiers with additonal amplified or specifically tuned (or tunable) antenna designs (including multi-array antenna clustering).

We know anything which fits those basic descriptions?

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