Satellite based radar used for various interactive signals intelligence purposes will produce infrasonic resonance when concentrated on a target inside a closed space or underground, if the signals used are powerful enough, at the right frequencies, the right angles, and over extensive time frames. Pentrating radar using synthetic apertures are somewhat a commodity service now. Military capabilities are far greater using the eye in the sky as an invasive radar imaging device.

As a resonance producer, positioning is key as are the frequency spans and both applied and virtual power (gain/amplitude) fields. Which doesn't have to be as powerful at the target location that many think necessary. A fast rate steady from above, microwaves can produce at least signals which can be analyzed for intelligence (see radar MASINT above, first link on page). Over long periods of time, bathing a target in radar signals is not "nondestructive" as many who will sell you say, no over long periods of time applied, when resonance is occuring, you have massive "silent violence" type damage done to the target.

Antenna tuning is important and many other factors as well, if penetrating radar is set up for clandestine surveillance. Some basic information follows:

Space Aperture Radar

Ground Penetrating via NASA (same as popup)

Utility GPR

Satellite Multispectral Images

How Deep GPR Forward looking Synthetic Aperture Radar

While all Nation's actual use and detailed information of how Satellites are used as clandestine weapons is classified, basic guidelines can be found in sciences relative to how Satellites are used as mentioned above, as penetrating radar, as well as Eye In The Sky visual spying and electronic eavesdropping on communications.

So at my home, in two different locations, somehow a nation state was able to position satellites above me to carry out these long running attacks? Far above mere eavesdropping though of course these type weapons afford that as well....

So the nation I live in the United States, a world leader in putting military related satellites into space was not able to know this or at least look into this being done? With all my close cozziness forced upon by multiple entities over the years, with such KNOWING I am openly, in writing, on the internet, complaining about this going on?

I know it's only been four or five years since MOST started hearing about this mess being used on people (but just G's, since us lowly civilians are just sheep). I have been raising HELL about it for well over a DECADE.

WHO has these capabilities and the means to do it, also gets put on a short list. WHY is a bit trickier, yet once deeply thought about, maybe not so much a mystery either. Really not in my case and definitely not for US Government employees or contractors.

With Satellite capable means as well as ground use of things like celldar (cellular based radar - won't find much of that as a surveillance weapon online, but the beginnings when and before it became "secret" there's a bit), tunable lasers (masers and relatives), and interactive devices based and expanded on such things as IMSI Active devices (think I may have mentioned stingrays here earlier in the zine a bit, be surprised what active mode can do nowadays), the mysteries of why and how become less and less.

Satellites can also feed or receive illumination signals. Illumination signals can act as multi-matrix signals inducers or passive up & reverse stream analyzers. Distance makes satellites impractical for high power directed energy type weapons (lasers aside); notwithstanding being central in the aforementioned applications, as excellent above head optical capturing and central components in a multi-spectral series of weapons systems, including important parts in specific ultrasonic applications:

Use any two or all of them together. Man will you ever have a surging, electromagnetic mess. So while such goes on against you if necessary (shhh though, secrecy is a MUST), the great and mighty state dazzles the sheep with tales of emails, miracle cures, economic greatness, partisan bickering, plus terrorists everywhere, task forces that never seem to come up with much on WTF is really going on with this EMF weaponry bullshit, and all kinds of bad guys everywhere after your right to pursue freedom and happiness.

Yet are you not blind or indoctrinated enough to see what is REALLY going on? That they protect themselves and their ultimate power in the end, not you, at all, once the shit gets deep and real. Most sadly, are willifully blind.

Directed Energy Weapons

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