The first time someone else said something to me about radio frequency especially electromagentic weaponry being openly used on civilians I could not tell you. I'd known, pre-year-2000 just from what was available to the public about use of these devices, methods and means. There's a good few days reading about that stuff all over the internet. Though the verified instances for many years about the extension of these uses and experiments was slight, way up until the wide ranging cellular age there was enough to warrant much better oversight of these "experiments" and of this "industry"; none of which has happened leading to this God-forsaken mess as in The Madness.

All that aside best I can recall around 2002, maybe 2001, I do remember it was not long after the "catheters-in-dicks" incident which brought in new rounds of players & artillery taking part in The Madness, at a World Council Meeting someone asking me how cellular radar worked and if I knew that that type of technology was considered the new "holy grail" of surveillance. I did not know much of anything about this wonderful world of electromagentic science applications the war like human species had concocted and were supposidly using on others.

I'd be granted the hell of finding out........

For many years after only sporatically did I touch upon studies, mostly gleaned from that 'ol internet and University libraries, about good 'ol celldar, as cellular radar is mostly called though celldar is specifically a brand (which in this zine try as I MUST to stay away from the great corporate giants of the world lest swift and brutal reprisal, alas it is an impossiblity), when I first started having severe electromagentic problems of my own in the late naughties before anything else by the symptoms of the attacks I attributed the weaponry to some type of radio weapons, which to me acted like pulsed radar.

This was years before the ruse of the smart meter application took over center stage for a couple of years. While we somewhat must leave behind wireless electrical meters to look at the weapons used in these attacks, those GD smart meters ARE in fact a massive liability and huge problem all on their own. So before we cast the criminality of the "Recovery Act Fraud" which IS smart meters aisde, let me say a couple of things about why those things are fucked up.

The more microwave radios you have in any space and in proximity to one another increases by the addition of each device's power output to the over all ambient energy of the space affected, even if the devices signature is small (low, or ultra low, wattage). The more of that living things are soaked in, expotentially, changes the environment of reactive factors of many things beyond the human body; all of these signals, from the smallest on up, add to the "noise" of your world. That's not a good thing at some level.

Plus, it is rather easy to use specifically designed devices using a wireless networked power meter and the wiring it is connected to as an on-demand phantom ribbon microphone. Especially if the meter does not have properly designed gateways and filters that disallow remote parsing externally and completely. Yet that is a whole volume of natural state hacking I'm not going to get into here for many reasons.

So let's go on.

Think of your electro-active surroundings, reality as you inhabit physical space, as you being submerged in an ocean. Yet instead of volumes of water you are suspended in reactive space.

Reactive space can be thought of like water when visualizing physicality. So instead of air visualize water, or an ether, as that physical "area". When energy, from powered signals to mere radiance enter this "space", the ether or water you are sumerged in, it becomes part of the ambient signature of this space.

Think of frequency as interwining throughout this space. The entire space including specifics is a central foundation of the physicality AND the virtuality of this massive ocean of space you are submerged in.........

Traditional radio transceivers depend upon the amount of power they have coupled with the type of antenna for communications. I'll come back to it in a sec but you can have the devices containing the main radio unit at lower power WITHOUT an external antenna and it still affect ambient energy greatly of near surrounding space. Broadcasts through any channel in any frequency at the very least leave a quantum signature and a slight increase in the aforesaid ambient energy.

You will also get variations of measureable Resonance.

Now with your radiance (radio) unit there is a difference in effectiveness of the transceptive qualities of your radio depending on if the antenna used is powered, dead weight, or inceptive. You can also use sensors to survey environmental variables or resonators placed in vicinity that produce signaling when hit with electromagnetic energy which can then be read by sensors or a parsing generation, which may be electrical, magnetic, chemical or optical as a base configuration.

Since signals abound, via radio or microwave band expressions, setting up a dedicated or ad-hoc network is determined by the function (transception, flood, fill) you need and the applications (incl. devices) required to survey these expressions. More in-depth parsing generations require more determinations (readings or capturing of data) across larger areas to determine changes in the locality when you're not using transmitters or the network is low or no powered.

The foundation basis for types of wireless networks exist per physical topology as a natural state process. Generally the harder to determine interactive possibilities use spatial harmonics to determine parsing values without introducing additional energy above already apparent ambient signatures. What you are seeing with the use of manmade devices and signalling (artificial), are parsings of natural state processes using specific interfaces. Without this natural state topology, humankind would not have the various types of radio related abilites as it does.

To say that such interactions (radiative interfacing - parsing) can be done without the area of survey becoming aware (sentience) is not fully correct when reverse-transferring of data (mirroring) offers revealment of passive observation without making use of parsing techniques.

This can be done in a limited number of ways, foremost the use of inversion signaling in the form of crosstalk analysis of ambient energy signatures can make over time after introduction, determinations of observation. This is the basis of the natural state process called Look To See, which does not require introduction of additonal energies, merely the optical realization of environmental changes (just observing), which may be quantum in nature, to cause relative change.

By studying either the changes of data representations, or modeling using dimensional transactions afforded by autonomous processing (a figurement of the related natural state system it exists in, therefore takes part in), spectral breath, the representation and interaction of ambient energy fields, therefore security of nearfield environments, may be monitored (or harvested).

Feedback can be utilized, or if needed, negated by filtering using specified materials or introduction of additional processing of involved kinetic energy. Devices may also be created virtually through mirroring, filtering, or parsing the ambient energy in ways which allows directed use of gathered (multi-compiled via sensory relays or singular expressions) interactions data.

The spirit immersive hypervisor entity can do this as part of it's Character abilites, as can specifically designed computerized machines and devices of humankind.




Tools you will need for scientific investigations (basic toolkit):

Real Time Spectrometer.

Signal Analyzer.

Remote Capable Laser Microphone.

Spectrogram Analysis Abilities.

Spectrum Analyzer.

IMSI Polling Devices.

Further Investigation Tools & Techniques.

Damaged Devices.

Who is doing all this bullshit?


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