Radio Forcing & Resonance Reading

Radio Connectivity, which can give us Radio Hearing and Radio Vision, is one of the most used tools observed in these investigations, and one of the most concerning and dangerous outside of brute force high powered applications.

The ability to connect to devices remotely through wireless connections was used extensively in this case. In fact, I employed air gapping numerous times, where the device is supposedly cut off from being accessed remotely through wireless adapters, and using wireless remote abilities, the perputrators were still able to access my devices and networks through wireless networking capabilities.

This is generally known as RADIO FORCING. Where whatever radioactive capabilities, including "wireless" networking, is implemented and deployed despite of the targeted negating both the non-attentive to the best of their ability radio communication functions.

In other words, it is forced upon them.

Direct, extended use of radio forcing using varied microwave wave lengths will correlate with specific physical damages.

This use of intrusive radio technology forced upon the individual as well as the public is more common than generally realized and is a specified field and set of functions enabled by whichever overseer state has manifest control over the airwaves.

Whether it be China, Cuba, Russia, Israel or the United States.

Overseer Frequency Domination (OFD - analogous AngelSpeak MASTERAI ref OLE#J&7) builds allow the following in addition to standarized tactical deployment of overseer capabilities, including builds on near proximity public available networks, more well known yet just part of massive wireless capabilities, such as wifi and bluetooth networkings; pairing and specifically allowing further device and personal space manipulations/readings:

Sensor data collection, analysis & offensive deployments:

Including bluetooth shuffling & further near proximity surveillance.

Component Radiance (micro-r6-radio formats)& Powergrid feeds; including IP services via electrical service:
Using the normal, sometimes natural sometimes introducted ability of the electronic components within devices; laptop and desktop computers mostly in this case.......

Flooding, Filling & Radar style intros & pulls (scans) using base signals amplification inducing symptomatic monitoring capabilities in low powered & passive networking scenarios can be afforded through relative processes (see below). Including the possibility of far field observations (as in cellular radar using the public or private cell arrays, or in conjunction with aerospace capable platforms - satellite, aerial - plane, drone, etc):

Ultrasensing Nanoplasmodic Spaser devices may be used in conjunction with both traditional and advanced radio weaponry. This will greatly increase the ambient energy signature, which can be observed using something like a photonic visor.



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Clive Robinson • January 2, 2014 5:19 AM

@ AlexT

The radar reflection is a bit of a misuse of terms and causes confusion with what is actually happening (the clue as they say is in the name, radar means Radio Direction And Range, and you generaly don't need to find this if you planted the bug ;-)

Basicaly radar uses the principle of reflection to locate objects. Originaly it was demonstrated with a low VHF band transimtter of high power used for ordinary broadcasting and a receiver some considerable distance away with a fixed gain front end with the IF output fed to an oscilloscope. When an aircraft started to aproach it was clearly seen that not only the amplitude of the signal change but also the effect the dopler shifted reflected signal had on the broadcast signal. Such dopler radars are very much in use today int the 3cm / X-Band on top of traffic light systems.

However simple continuous wave dopler radars have a number of issues and the first operational radars used pulse transmittion to more easily get range information. Later radars used "frequency sweeping" or PRBS "ranging codes" to more acurately guage distance.

One type of radar sometimes called "offset" uses a transmitter and receiver spaced considerably far appart, whilst they generaly still use reflections some experimental systems (to detect stealth vehicals) some years ago used the effects of tranmission through an object or absorption by an object (one of which which was more lidar than radar also used background IR to see objects in a similar way to vision). Basicaly nearly all objects (including holes in them) reflect, absorbe or conduct EM radiation and will change what they do with the frequency of the EM signal.

However many years ago a researcher (more known for his Theramin musical instrument you hear on the Beach Boys Good Vibrations) used the idea of "re-radiation" to create a bug that was put in the carved wooden eagle presented to the US ambasidor in Moscow... (google "great seal bug" on the NSA museum web site, although contray to what the site implies the US could not work out how it functioned, it was sent over to the UK where the MI5 scientist Peter Wright worked out how it worked).

Re-radiation is where in effect all conductors (and quite a few dielectrics) have a frequency response and they actually absorbe store and re-radiate EM radiation much more strongly than they reflect it at either their resonant or anti-resonant frequencies. This principle was used by the British in WWII to jam German radar with strips of aluminium foil originaly called window but now more commonly called chaff.

You can prevent a lot of the re-radiation by taking the absorbed EM energy and conducting it away in another conductor (which is what an antenna feed line does). Now imagine you have two antennas connected by a conductor, the signal entering one antenna gets passed to the second antenna that re-radiates it, this has been used in the past for "passive repeaters" in weak signal areas such as valleys where TV signals get blocked by hills and mountaines and also in early passive IFF devices.

Now instead of just a connector between the two imagine there is a resonant circuit as well, this only conducts signals that fall in it's "pass band" and because it's far from perfect it has "slopes" on the sides of the pass band that partialy conduct. Thus if you sweep the frequency at constant amplitude the first antenna sees then the second antenna output will go up and down with respect to the pass band charecteristics of the resonant circuit. More interestingly is that the re-radiation at the first antenna is the inverse of the pass band of the resonant filter so to a third antenna pointing at the first antenna a signal that is a combination (in both phase and amplitude) of both the transmitted signal and the re-radiated signal is seen.

Now if you transmit a plain carrier wave that is tuned to one of the passband slopes if the signal moves towards the resonant frequency the re-radiation drops and if the signal moves away from the resonant frequency the re-radiation increases (the opposit occures at the second antenna). Which means if the transmitted signal was frequency modulated the re-radiated signal would be amplitude modulated as would the output from the second antenna (this principle has been used since before WWII in a device called a GDO short for "grid dip oscillator", the modern equivalent can be seen with a spectrum analyser with trackng generator or an S-Parameter test set or some antenna analysers showing return loss).

Now think about what would happen if the transmitted signal frequency remained constant but the resonant circuit frequency changes. This time the signal seen at antenna three is an amplitude modulated signal with some phase modulation.

If the change in resonant frequency happens in response to say an audio signal that falls on the resonant circuit then the result would be that the resulting re-radiated signal at the first antenna or the re-transmitted signal at the second antenna would be an AM signal modulated by the audio signal...

This effect can easily be seen with a number of tuned circuits and it's generaly called "microphonics". In most cases the effect is very small. However one type of tuned circuit is fairly easily made very very sensitive to this effect and it is a modified form of "cavity resonator" where the cavity is in effect a coaxial transmission line that is "capacitivly shortened" with the central post of the inner conductor brought very close to one end of the cavity, which is made of incredibly thin foil and thus looks in many respects like the diaphram of a modern electret microphone (the actual technique used in the bug was "parametric amplification" and the re-radiated signal was on a different frequency to the exitation frequency which made it considerably more sensitive in use, and nearly invisable to conventional bug detectors, however explaining that takes a big chunk of math).

Now the resonant frequency of any line can be altered by changing it's capacitance or inductance and this can be easily achived by many techniques such as changing it's terminating impedence. Which happens as a byproduct of active component drivers when they change state from one output level to another.

Back in the 1980's I used this to EM probe "electronic wallets" and "pocket gambling machines" and shoued how it could be used to illicit information from within a cased device. This was getting on for two degades before the "poor man's" version DPA became news. I emailed several researchers looking into "smart card security" about not just how an EM signal gets modulated by the signal level on the PCB traces but also how yoou could use it in reverse to inject fault signals. The only person who thought about it seriously was Ross J. Anderson of at Cambridge Labs who also passed me the details of another researcher who was using micro-inductors to induce pulses of current into IC's to enumerate fault charecteristics. Ross or some of his students did some further research with PC keyboard cables that you can read about in his security engineering book (a recomended read especialy as you can download it legaly).

The advantage of these passive bugs is they don't contain active electronics so don't have non-linear devices in them which would show up on "non-linear junction detector" bug finders, likewise they don't have DC resistance so don't show up on passive testing nor do they have "hot spot" sctive devices which would show up on thermal imagers. Likewise as mentioned earlier they don't show up to "active sweep" bug finders and although visable to a GDO carefull design would make them look like just "pasive resonators" which most lengths of wire etc are anyway.

So unless you realy know what you are looking for they are difficult at best to find.

Just recently I've been looking at "dual energisation" of such devices with not just EM radiation but ultrasonic radiation as well. Put simply you design the "capacitor diaphram" in such a way that it has to be "acosticaly biased to overcome it's hysterisis. Basicaly unless you have a strong ultrasonic bias signal the diaphram will not respond to "room audio" thus even if illuminated by the right EM signal audio will still not be transmitted unless the correct ultrusonic signal is there as well to cause the diaphram to resonate and be "phase modulated" by the room audio...


What do these weapons feel like when they are used on you?

Resonance Weaponry can operate in subtle ways. As I've mentioned, and Clive's above excellent explanations point out, building observation devices using thin film derivatives, special shaped ceramics and specific designed circuits & resonators, will allow different kinds of on site, on-order, unique ways to monitor.

Follow this link to see an old school resonator surveillance device in action. This is my Father's radio from the time he lived in West Germany in the early-mid 80's. It has a dead state device in it, non powered membrane based listening device. There is no power to the unit and the transmitter is still active. When the device has power the membrane device is connected to internal circuitry and can be honed in on probably 50-60 feet away. Works for an apartment setting, which is where he lived. Power up the shortwave receiver or any of the radio modules this set can be dialed in at a distance.

Though I've had this radio a long time. I found similar, possible devices thoughout my home in 2018 and 19 (link to pics&vids).

He knew company people, worked at a defense contractor, and did those relative things. He had long term top secret clearance. When my house was broken into in 2018, his service plaques from that time were one of the things stolen, maybe as a warning, or another gaslight event, or whatever.

I don't know any "secrets" I was told. But commonly known things in absolute cirlces like large scale geoengineering programs capabilities and small time facts that we made sure the Ruskies knew the C-5 could deploy the Minuteman were just a couple of the programs he worked on.....

Yet we'll cut to the chase here and let you chew on a good starting point to look at introducted ultra/infrsonic cross talk capabilities. Not as a "bad design" as this article talks about, as at the top of the page, but a enginered method of resonance analysis. This will give you a basis of "some" of the radio forcing used against me.

I put up with a buncha crazy shit going on, for a long ass time. There will be judgement, and I will get justice. Regardless if I am dead or alive.

Time spent observing and investigating, plus other tidbits I wrote down over the years

If you want to add that I am even aware of such things, sure add that to the WHY and possible extended REASONS for all this god damned nonsense.

Such is not an excuse for The Madness. If you think so, you're gonna be horribly surprised the day justice comes. And it will.
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