The perception of effects of electromagnetic weaponry like has been used in this case can only be described as wicked. It can be sublime or roaring, infra or ultra sonic, and can modulate and "appear" as different patterns.

The following is mostly of my experience with these as resonance weapons. Often though it was like a brute force attack, it'd almost bring me down and definitely made make me feel sick it'd be so strong. Again relatory, IMO to the "suites of these weapons" as I descibe over on the Scenario page as linked in this paragraph.

The basic sensation which was the most common is of an ultra- low frequency, moderate to very strong humming, with a slight radio beat. The beat manifests as a surge or kick in time. It is infrasonic in nature ranging anywhere from 3-18hz. It never got high enough in frequency for my studio mics to pick it up or record it. Even though it would be much more "louder" than at other times.

Being infrasonic in nature it is hard to give an example. I looked around at some of the world reports especially from the fine collection of personal witness acounts maintained by the good doctor over at The Hum years ago and found a natural phenomenon which is very close but not low enough frequency wise as to be so you can't "hear it". The slight radio beat is not exactly there, plus it's too loud volume wise.

If though, you'd like a decent approximation of the basic effect, what this shit feels like, use house speakers (if you don't have really good responsive speakers, use a decent set of headphones), keep the volume pretty low, barely above audible (or a bit more, however enough for you to truly notice it without trying too hard), and have good bass response but not too much bass to cause distortion. Loop the example below. Now leave that on a while. Imagine that motherfucker running all day and night. Sometimes much louder than just at a low background, surge and modulate it a bit. You'll kinda get a good idea of what it feels like initial sensation wise.

If you will notice, there is a slight resemblance to something like wind blowing over an opening or through a long tunnel, or you blowing over an open bottle. We used to make a similar whooooo sound using glass coke bottles as kids.

The Aukland Hum is not deep enough and does not resonant exactly similar, yet at a noticeable volume, just barely noticeable in an average room ambience setting, it can be close. Damned close. You'll get that engine off in the distance sensation.

At this point, many may say well it's the worldwide "hum" I am noticing. No, the worldwide hum naturally caused phenomenon does not make you sick as hell, at times feel as if you're hit with something, and overall slowly kill your ass above insomnia and induced psychosis.

Sometimes though what I experienced would be sharper, and instead of infrasonic, ultrasonic, similar to a country side at night full of crickets. Or a loud screetching. This electromagnetic effect has been long known as crazy crickets, and that's about what it is. The Cuban and Chinese diplomats described both infra and ultra sonic sensations.

The lower sensation would often modulate slightly, or appear as a different type wave form; such as the sound if you've ever had an MRI, the various soft jackhammering, to a more slower boom (hum) boom (hum) boom. Sometimes the pulse or kick would be closer to set at a certain volume, then say 3 or 5th time or whatever it would be slightly stronger.

You cannot use room noise as a general cover up for this cacophony, and if you use matching noise you got audible noise then. Keep in mind these are ultra and infrasonic sensations, of the EMF on your physical body, not particularly you hearing this, because human hearing ranges these sensations are out of. These are feelings, as much as "sonic" sensations sound wise.

In fact, the intensity of the humming would greatly increase if I used sound as a masking agent. I demonstrated many times to many of the people who were witnesses to this bullshit (there's a BUNCH) how if I turned music up in the room, and left it up a bit, not real loud but loud enough you had to speak up a bit to talk over it, and how the sensation would increase in intensity, and if I suddenly turned the volume to zero, the EMF phenomenon would be LOUD! Then as if sensing, it would attenuate down within a second or two, sometimes, not for a bit. That freaked people out.

So does the movements causing attenuation as I describe elsewhere in this zine. Those two things, response to sound and the movement breaking the electromagnetic field, were the two most common ways besides "hearing" that I'd get people to observe some of the immediate character and effects of these weapons.

Those who could at least. As I said only a third to a half of any general group of people will even notice resonance wrapping. Generally, everyone of them to a tee thought they were hearing sound. When I'd show them there was no signals my recording studio mics would register, at least not above 18K, more like spectographic metered 3-9hz avg, sometimes 12 or 13hz, that's another "wow" moment. Everyone swears they are hearing sound through auditory channels in a normal ear function.

Nope, more than likely effects of electromagnetic, directed, resonating and flooding energies upon minerals within your blood, organs and tissues including neurological biochannels within your body, and yes the brain. Though it absolutely over time affects far more than the beaner.

Specific variations on the hum over long periods of time produced specific sensations. The lower more elongated humming like exampled above, causes absolute insomnia and does not take long to not only tire you down, but frazzle your nerves. This stuff over time will produced pronounced anxiety.

Try it just looping the example above at even barely detectible volumes over long periods of time. Most people say it'd quickly run them crazy or make them sick. Yes, that seems to be part of the charm. Try 10 years of it almost constantly, not even bringing in the different modulation undulating effects sometimes going down into consideration....

Give it a shot. See how far you get.

The more fluttering vibes, similar to a soft jackhammer, like the MRI example, would make larger organs in my body seem to quiver. This is relative to my left side where my kidney has fallen into my pelvis. After long periods of this particular type assault the area right below my lung would feel burnt and very sore, this in time helped irritate severe Nephroptosis and has created a life threatening situation.

Another type of sensation would be hearing something like an airboat or very large fan far off in the distance. After long periods of time of that irritating sensation made the lymph nodes in my upper body hurt and swell as if they were inflamed or stopped up. I have serious problems with swollen, sore glands now, constantly.

Another artifact relative to the airboat far off in the distance sensation. That sensation would surge and receed as if it was on a moving platform. I could sit there and hear it way, way off, it would gradually get stronger in intensity, as if getting closer, and would oscillate slightly sometimes. Plus often, there WOULD be a slow low flying aircraft right on time. Aircraft were used more than once over the years. Had literally, military helicopters circling my house (see aircraft link above for the Youtube video). That's not a foreign hostile government doing that shit. From the flying circus to the moving platforms seeming spewing the pulsating vibratone death ray.

Most of the relative phenomenon did oscillitate slightly, yet not always barely above a perception. I always accredited that to the beat signature of the matrix. I describe some more of that over on the damages page.

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