There are multiple actors and perputraters in this case. How they are described here are mostly per entity. An entity herein may be an agency, person, group of people, corporation, authority or executive overseer organizations.

The reason(s) I don't say the standard public name of what makes up a descriptive entity are basically these:

* The whole of the organization is generally, generally, not in effect blame wise, though the entire group may be affecting.

* Individuals within said organizations may or may not be acting under auspices or direct guidance of managers of these organizations. There is the distinct possibility many who have taken part have been duped as to why these undertakings are necessary; OR, have taken upon themselves to abuse their authority, undertakings unknown to their superiors, and definitely to the public.

* Actual identification of the organization or authority these persons, or groups of persons, may not be confirmed nor clear; to me nor for actual on the record statements.

* An overview of the actions and oppressive endeavours shows these are potentially very violent people and organizations; multiplied, and care must be taken to claims made to the general public.

* That we are dealing with massive, powerful organizations, as well as deranged persons within, cannot on face value, which may not represent factual information, simply be stated for the public record that the entire organization is at fault.

* Yet NOT claiming such in public does not lessen the potential for acted upon violence either by individuals involved herein nor their overseer authorities. For it has been proven many times in the past these are very violent in nature.

* Crimes committed herein by said entities may be conductive to severe allocations of presentation of materials, weapons, and personel involved in national security interests, defined or undefined, which have severe repercussions if evidence of crimes commited in these allocations are simply released to the public with specific data; and

* There are so many different, various entities invovled in this case, it is simply overwhelming to configure proper allocations applied to specific organizations, outside and including those of individual actors or groups.

* Simply alleging; assertation and non proven convictions, applied to either individuals, groups of or organizations, is counter productive to knowing the factual truth somewhat, and if applications prove faulty, does not help in understanding or proving specific accusations.

Therefore, it is in my best interests, and that of the nations, to state in a public forum such as this, and per specific rights mandated to the individual, journalistic and investigative press, and by rights given by provisions of the law, that accusations in full, non-partial and direct, be made in a way which protects the innocent while still maintaining story line integrity and factual presentation without release of damaging inadvertent evidence to all involved.

Until necessary to completely release all gathered information to the public, should the Courts of the Nations of Mankind, which are the ultimate overseers of all entities opposing to rights and freedoms of myself, fail to allow justice, truth of these situations must be clearly known as public record through a Court Of Order. Seeing the depth and length these crimes have been going on, for over 30 years, it can rightfully be said they have already failed, horribly.


There are SO many and SO much invovled here. Even after close examination of factual evidence I have been able to collect over a few years, the rhyme and reasons for this massive, disgraceful undertaking of multiple entities is astounding. The courts of your nation, at least in the United States, are woefully ineffective and weak in taking the whole of the crimes commited here in this case, and even begin to transpose the material so that it can be presented properly, nor offer remedy in justice which can be afforded by the poor, average, especially at this point disabled, citizen it claims for itself, or that the lessor citizen may require.

Even a very wealthy individual would be hard pressed to come up with the resources needed to take on one, much less the multiple entities involved here. Your justice system simply DOES NOT offer proper remedy for the disadvantaged. Even something seemingly simple as what the nation and state laws provides in way of finding out information of the undertakings of the entities invovled, is beyond scope and ability of most single individuals, even possibly with experienced groups familiar with what the law provides may properly execute. You're surely never get close to classified data.

Basically, it's a god damned mess.

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