What does having stuff like I described in my blog, which far beyond generalized is almost exactly what the Cuban and Chinese Diplomats described happened to them, yet for a far less period of time, do to you?

It fucks you up. Completely. Totally.

In addition to what I mentioned seven or eight years ago in my blog, after being subjected to electromagentic weaponry to induce radio hearing and vision, and to harm, as time went on, it has affected me as follows:

First three years.

The sensation of either a sublime or strong ultra/infrasonic humming or buzzing sensation in a short period of time, once you can't help but notice it anymore, makes it hard to sleep and in strong fields makes your mind focus on it to the point you can often "hear" feel the beat. This type of electromagnetic disturbance will cause severe insomnia. Turning on noise; tv or radio, generally does not help as the humming effect will often increase in intensity (get louder) or modulate/attenuate worse, when more energy and cross frequencies are being used, FAR worse.

This seems to be caused by these weapons interactions with these processes to harness those signals variables, offering through that type of process the ability to harness those electro-physical changes using computing means and methods to read the room. If components are used with the computer devices you are in close proximity to, that can affect the noticeable qualities of the resonance; use of these types of weapons can produce a "surging" humming sensation which over time affects your equalibrium.

Most people who have experienced it with me have told me that would drive them insane going on all the time. Part of these programs goals ARE to if not drive you crazy make everyone else you mention it to think you are crazy. ALL who hung around with me some of it as you saw people would get on video and make statements about it, most will not, all said that shit constantly would drive them insane.

Yet insane humming and screetching however they affect your mind, and there are DEEP sciences into this as a field of study using these types of weapons, in time the physical harm is undeniable.

As I explained in scenario, energy weapons of these kinds, as seemingly similar as used on the cuban and chinese diplomats, are either much high powered and of particular design, or are the exact or similar devices and methods used on me but went way overboard with the amplified energy applied to do site readings. Which outside of some reasons to use this stuff for surveillance, cannot be determined to be any thing but methods to torture, physically harm, or even as attempted murder.

While the diplomats and embassy personnel had life changing effects with relative short exposure I lived with it basically full bore for a decade.

While defined as weaponry and use of it on me as serious crimes, those responsbile, as suggested by others and now I tend to agree, used my situation not only as a type of "guinea pig" AND done so both maliciously beyond the ineptness of those using these types of surveillance weapons, specifically cellular based radar type weapons, to cause great harm over time so their sick experimentation could run its course.

KNOWING over extended periods of time, if not mental, physical damages could be severe. As should justice.

My hearing has been completely destroyed. The last four years it has gradually got worse now everything sounds like it's coming through busted speakers, brrrrrtttttt, distortion all the time. The high ends have an acute noise which sounds worse than a loud country night with millions of insects. This is now at the painful stage even long after the constant subsonic vibrations and high end screetching lessened, but did not end, about the time the international incidents became commonly known to the public.

Since my hearing has been totally messed up, my ability to record, mix and master music is basically no more. For the last six or seven years it has been an increasing nightmare to try and work on recording and recorded music. Everything sounds mashed up and frequencies are all over the place. I can't mix anything anymore, it all sounds like a complete mess of shit. That is one of the things I enjoy and did most in my life, and now that enjoyment is totally gone, ruined.

At the three year mark when I made the GA Southern Investigation Youtube videos, the lethargy and insomnia had became chronic and debilitating. I had metabolic problems which within another year or so became severe. It is like it doesn't work anymore. I can eat something and it never seems to digest; I will belch and taste foods and drink I consumed days before. I had severe acid reflux before all this, now often no matter what I do, what I eat or what medicines I take, it about kills me.

From the beginning and increasingly thereafter use of radio weapons in this manner produced feelings as if my bones hurt. Certain areas of my body would also sometimes feel warm and pulse. On my left side when the energy was strong it felt like my left lung was paper slightly vibrating or quivering all the time. If you read the initial blog post from 2012 I described how it felt..

I know now that feeling is partially caused by a cavity left by my left kidney falling down lower into my pelvis and leaving space. I had a bad bike wreck in 2000 when initially I thought I was busted up inside. Later I had ultrasound which determined I had heavy scaring on my left kidney, which over time has become more problematic with almost constant infections which have at times spread into the surrounding bones and tissues.

Exposure to electromagnetic energies as described herein greatly exasperated and seems to have advanced problems in relation to these physical injuries.

My kidneys felt as if they would pulse regularly in relation to energy and I have a couple of hernia meshes which also used to feel "sticky" and seem affected; which depending on their materials could interact somehow, perhaps different than soft flesh, cartiledge and bone. Which those too, have been effected by long term exposure like this.

My fallen kidney has produced a condition called Nephroptosis, which is unbelieveably painful and disabling. Here are some of the descriptive symptoms, all of which I have.

On the Disability page there are pictures and a link to an MRI showing clearly the Nephroptosis, which is not just a development issue, but a condition which began developing rapidly at least 10 years ago when I began having severe skeletal pain and rancid urine caused by hard infections. This is clearly mentioned in my first disability filing after I was initially denied and I filed an appeal, and you can see it in the paperwork. Also on the MRI you can see spinal damage and advancing deterioration which use of this weaponry I can almost guarantee you DID have a direct correlation, as again stated in the 2012 blog it often felt after being under this stuff for a while that my joints felt like jelly.

The Disability page and more are also related to my past and current applications for disability through the US Government's Social Security Administration. Which were and are denied.

Far as I am concerned, denial of my disability claims by the US Government, which any fool can plainly see is real, is in itself a very, very serious crime. Yet again in the US, the great and mighty state does not actually give a damn about you, even when they themselves are a main party in the reasons why you are disabled, unless you are perceived as a threat to them, then they come down hard. As we see herein.

About 7 or 8 years ago I also began regularly having intense optical migraines. The effect of EMF gave me vertigo and slight optical problems early on. When I was subjected for longer periods of time to the EMF, the optical migraine frequency would increase substantially.

Constant headaches and soul sucking fatigue are often my daily companions. Have been for years since this electromagnetic stuff started happening. I also get tremors often when trying to hold objects, and at times greater shaking through my hands and arms. During these times those limbs affected have no strength in them and I cannot control the tremors. I seem to be stumbling or marching around drunk when this condition manifests when I try and walk. Bed rest for long periods is often the only thing will lessen the effects. There is no working, physical or otherwise, with these conditions.

I have hard, sensitive spots. Above and beyond the damage relative to what shows in the above linked MRI scan. I have multiple areas which would become uncomfortable over time when signals were high, and feel "burnt" inside afterwards. Today those areas which would often "pulse" and feel inflamed during extended exposure to this type of weaponry, radiate pain almost constantly and I have hard areas internally near those points. Maybe one day I can have all this checked by a doctor.

Vision wise sometimes I have extremely blurry & double vision. I keep a watch on both blood pressure and blood sugar levels, both of which early on from the beginning went haywire, but often my blurred vision does not coincide with spikes in one or both, or either. I cannot be sure if this is a cause of optical system degration, or brain injury caused by exposure to EMI/EMF.

I have severe cardia rhythm problems, like bad heart palpitations. At times I have a very strong heart murmur. It acts worse when my blood pressure is at it's highest or if I have bouts of insomnia. By the 4th or 5th year of this happening, I had overcome the insomnia somewhat and could get enough sleep to function; using disassociation techniques, various herbs, and at times medication, to be able to sleep. The pulse problems continue to increase steadily.

I have problematic electro hypersensitivity. Many signals across a broad spectrum in a resonance cavity, such as particular areas or rooms, will irritate my senses, occasionally causing what feels like an non-natural alerted state. It is uncomfortable in places where high levels of introduced electromagnetic energy are present. Even a few hours around electronic equipment in operation, especially things involving wifi or other wireless communicaitons, simply makes me feel anxious and wore down.

This hyper sensitivity causes an extreme tuned alertness to any type of infra/sub/ultra-sonic type sensations similar to those I experienced over the years, increased my sensitivity to such greatly, to a painful degree. Being subjected to any similar sensation now, however they are produced, is very uncomfortable and cause a high level of perception anxiety.

Mentally I now have short term memory problems and extreme slowing of my comprehension times. At the point when this zine was written and initially published, basically a decade after my exposure began, I can no longer think clearly nor study any type of information in depth. I cannot study computer science, math or immerse myself in things like that which prior to this, were fairly easy and simple for me to comprehend. It has produced an exaggerated attention disorder range of spectrum. Like ADD on steroids.

My body overall shows signs of advanced aging. I have critical spinal problems anyways, so all this has not helped. When the pulsations were the worst 2009-2018, my spine would feel weak and like jelly. At times feeling as if my head was far too heavy for it to support. X-rays taken when I applied for disability showed degradation of my spinal system.

There are no "feeling good" days. I have little to no energy at all. I simply don't feel like doing anything much on most days. Some days I feel so bad all I can do is try and sleep.

The main issue and source of damages when this type of weaponry is used, depending on the useage scenario, is the complex reality of the intermodulative harmonic resonating nightmare either incorrectly or on pupose use of this equipment creates.

Whomever uses this equipment, you are directly responsible for what you do with it. Misuse it, or use it purposely, as such a weapon, you are responsible for the damages it causes. No wonder the top echelon no way in hell wants you to know how these devices work or are capable of. No fucking wonder.....

All this, these electromagnetic sides, plus everything else, has produced a profound post traumatic response. Like a decade now of almost constant war, and as we see, the last few years, or should we say decades, have been some of the worst. I have used herbs to try and counteract these effects. Some of the herbs I have used, which I would say successfully because I am still alive, are:

Aloe Vera Gel (pure, unfiltered)
Rosemary (as tea)
Echinacea root (in large amounts)
Angelica root (moderate to heavy qualities)
Ginseng root (American primarily) (moderate to heavy qualities)
Hawthorne Berries (powdered)
Moringa (powdered)
Elcampagne (powdered)
Hyssop - raw leaves as tea and powdered (small amounts)
Raven's Mint (hoary mountian mint)(culpuous amounts)
Licorice Root (moderate amounts)
White Willow Bark (small amounts)
Salvia Lyrata - full plant (moderate amounts)
Heal All (heavy amounts)
Kava Kava (powdered) (small amounts)
Sheep Sorrell (whole)(moderate amounts)
Cannabis (moderate amounts)
Elderberry - fresh or dried berries (moderate amounts), leaf (small amounts)
Tumeric - (powdered and whole), moderate amounts used with coffee
Burdock Root (cut prepared as tea)(large amounts)
Meadowsweet (whole plant) (tea, moderate amounts)

Cannabis is illegal per the US Government and even moreso per the State Of Georgia where I live. The weak CBD products this state allows (only the last few years) are subgrade strength and not effective to treat the damages I suffer. This rank stupidity has existed for way too long, yet there is not much I can do about it. Malicious enforcement of these draconian laws, were and continuing, are part of the government's suppression of my rights. Yet we all know to them, this means nothing. Except they are your Gods, even they think, over gifts and those of the Natural State.

Eventual cancer is also a by-product of having these weapons used on you.

Who is doing all this bullshit?




What do these weapons feel like when they are used on you?
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