The first time I can recall actually seeing individuals involved in using wireless intrusions, those who would later be identified as part of a criminal hacking organization, past those already part of the entities involved I knew about, was sometime in the years immediately prior to me moving from the Adairsville location.

They were talking to an individual at the Adairsville McDonalds where I was using the internet. There were two of them, and the person they were talking to was someone who had become known as Camaro.

Camaro was a middle aged white male who drove a reddish maroon colored mid-80's chevolet camaro. He had long sideburns in a mutton style and a thick mustache which grew long at the ends down towards the sideburns which came forward along his chin on both sides. The two people talking to him were African Americans who were involved with an almost exclusively African American gang which over time I came to know were involved in highjacking wireless, especially cellular, data devices.

Camaro I'd seen often, seeming to shadow me in the Adairsville area. Number wise he would be in the mid-30's of the almost six dozen individuals identified as taking part in the Madness before I quit counting in 2018.

This person may not be as "mysterious" as he seems. Captain Sparky, who was a good #7 or eighth, used a red camaro to ride his routes. Being a Big Cat during 2001 when I was forced to give fluids against my will his ride was probably a local entity asset. If this next guy years later after Sparky got the axe is ridin' the same ride, it'd be obvious who he was and worked for.

Not sure full specifics, yet more than just the car point to he knowing some of thems, as well as these cellular commandos he seemed to be running and working with, who also know, at least a couple of them, a few people involved with both local and state entities.

Around this time this individual showed up, early in the second decade of the 21st century, I had been harmed for a number of years by floods of electromagnetic energy. Probably 3 or 4 years at this point. Enough so I had began to try and develop countermeasures and tools to identify the culprit and find the problem.

One of those developing ways involved me using a cell phone turned on and pointing the antenna in different areas of the house to see if I could formulate how to tell the variance in signals when a transceiver (the phone) was at different locations using a radio monitor.

In some experiments, I stood on a chair with the cell phone, a flip phone since I didn't start using smart phones until the last couple of years, open and pointed outward and swept slowly, turning with my arm extended, hand holding the cell phone, at the corner of my studio where the ceiling met the wall. Seeing if I could get a variance on a radio monitor I was building to try and find refractions and possible locations of signal propagations and receptions.

A few days later I was sitting on the porch of my store, taking a break from working in the fields of my small farm, when Camaro pulled into the parking lot. He got out of his car with a smirk on his face, pointed his cellphone at the over head wires with his arm extended out, and slowly turned around moving his extended hand outward, as if he was looking for a signal off the electrical wires.

I thought, Jeus Christ what a fucking damn idiot. I'd think that and literally say that, often throughout the years.....and at the time this occured definitely, it sure seemed, this person was mocking me. Meaning he'd have to have seen me inside my house, as he was mimicking my exact movements.

This type of smart ass behavior is par for the course dealing with psychopaths who feel like, no, you're the fucking idiot, and besides what can you do? Individuals who are abusive bullies and feel they are above reprimand you will find often mock and taunt, and will do things they believe irritate and tear down those they are bullying and harrassing.

I personally, just think it's incredibly stupid. Why in hell would you give yourself away doing things which get you no where. As I would learn, it seems many of these people involved seem to have went out onto the internet and found the chapter on psychological enactments to go along as part of their gangstalking adventures.

It's clearly obvious most if not all these people feel they are untouchable. Easy to see why, literally there seems to be not anyone above any of them which wants to or will consider what they are doing as serious crimes. Those who know these people and allow or help them, are spot on complicit in the crimes they are committing.

This was not the first, nor would be the last time I'd be granted a gaslight perfomance. A few years later I'd get an incredible show on the same property where it was made sure I heard people saying I'd been turned into national & state tax authorities, put on by people working for a state entity.

That day though in late summer, this camaro person was putting on a show for me in that same parking lot. I almost said something, but I just sat there watching him doing this.

As I am doing forensics on devices used during that era, it appears they had been accessed through wireless protocols during this time as well. Wifi was still active on router I used at home, as well as the computers used there, and wifi also looks to have been used extensively to access my devices at remote locations where I used public wifi.

McDonalds seems to be a favorite of the hackers during The Madness. The computers I used at both the Adairsville and 3 or 4 years later at the Highway 20 Mickey D's in Cville were corrupted and accessed though the wifi there. The Highway 20 Mickey D's was where, years later, I observed long term an employee of a national entity involved in The Madness keeping watch.

Not sure at this time who Camaro worked for. I did find lurker accounts on my Facebook friends list around 2013/14 which had an individual which looked like Camaro either as friend or friend of friends. That person, if indeed it is the same person, was either employed by a defense contractor or retired from such, which was not based in the State Of Georgia.

Some of the pics had him riding motorcycles and a navy veteran. I was unable to verify if that indeed was the same person or whether or not that defense contractor was or is his employer.

The computer I used at the time as my studio machine will not operate now and the drive is corrupted. Somewhere I still have the cell phones I used back then.

For all I know he may have been or is an employee of one of the local, state or national entities involved in The Madness. There are employees of defense contractors involved, especially those companies who make some of the spying and hacking tools that have been verified as in use.

The two African Americans I observed talking to Camaro at the Adairsville McDonalds seem to be aligned with a racist hacking organization specializing in wireless transgressions. I have observed many of these people in close proximity out in public, and Camaro is not the only individual I have seen them corresponding with who has been central in The Madness. A couple of those people have been involved in this since basically the beginning or by the first decade at least.

This organization is called Le Negra. In some of the code they use, and co-opped, as I found doing forensics later on, they refer to themselvs as "Afrikaans".

Le Negra is some type of linguistic spin on a spanish/portuguese/french translation of The Black. After I observed at least seven or eight of these African Americans either talking to entity actors, or trailing me in cars, especially in Cobb County, I reached out to someone I used to know many years ago in that area and asked them if he knew any people of African descent who were invovled in hacking crews.

This is where the defense contractor linkage gets really interesting.

The man I talked to who possibly identified these people is dead now, so I've heard. They called him FatCat, but there are a lot of FatCats, five or six at least I know in this State.

FatCat knew everyone it seemed in the underworld computer focused African American Community down in Cobb. I went to one of his gaming hangouts where another computer whiz called AlG was there as well. They both lit up when I asked them about an Atlanta Metro based hacking crew of all or mostly African Americans.

AlG, who seems to have long since disappeared, said yeah he knew them. At first I thought he was calling them "The Niggers", but I said I'm not taggin' black folks niggers.

FatCat spoke up. No man he said, they sometimes call themselves Black Kings, but there is some other organization called that so they call themselves The Black.

Le Negra, said AlG. He said it was French. No, FatCat said, it's Portuguese.

It's neither, but that doesn't matter. What FatCat said next struck me and has stayed with me.

They're tied into rogue law enforcement he said. He wasn't sure if they had got into trouble and did jobs for them to stay out of trouble or that cops hired them because a couple of them had deep ties to the deep state.

Which deep state I asked. Defense industry FatCat said. A few of them were kin to or worked for, he said multiple defense industry companies in the Metro Atlanta area.

That kind of explains why they're pals with others directly involved in the Madness. Yet not all these people are civil servants or work in the defense industry. La Negra, by my observations, is an illegal hacking crew.

Doesn't mean there's any truth in what FatCat and AlG told me, but it's solid this hacking crew knows and works with, or maybe are, really corrupt cops. Where they are getting the tools and training they are using I can't say. For all I know might be homegrown stuff but they are definitely dedicated and in action on that scene.

Yet, like with the Citizen & Corps, which some thereof also have taken their tools and training to use as they see fit, there are numerous taxpayer funded ways to get and do all this. Under guise of and including actual, legitimacy.

FatCat and AlG are black dudes. If they are racist or not I can't tell you, but I've never heard them say or act like they were many years ago (early 90's before I moved to Adairsville) when I actually saw them around the Marietta area quite often.

They both said La Negra were racist mostly against white people and would use whites as guinea pigs for hacking and to do crimes using the devices and information they received after compromising their computers.

Hated the white man they said. I would come to find in early 2018 they were not kiddin'.

I purchased the above pictured ear piece at Walmart in late 2017. In the winter of 2018 I occasionally used it to try and learn about how various devices, including microphones on cellphones and computers, entered into the picture as eavesdropping devices.

I only used it out in public once. That one time was worth the small amount of money it cost.

I took the earpiece with me one night just to use it in public and see how it performed. These cheap hearing aids are notoriously screetchy and terrible sounding. trying to use it for anything but a reference is about useless. I had it in my ear and on when I stopped at a convenience store in Cobb County on Delk road to get a drink.

By this time the first smart phone I ever owned that I used with a data plan acted up often after just having it a month or so. The camera would come on randomly, taking pictures and video, apps would hang up and logs show a bluetooth streaming server often in use. I had it with me that evening and it was turned on as I needed to make some calls.

When I exited the store a small car with four black males in it sat out next to the gas pumps maybe 25 feet away. Looking I could see one with long dreds looked kinda familiar. They were all staring intensely at me.

I wasn't worried about getting robbed I had recently bought two 357's and had a concealed weapons permit. The double kicks were with me that evening as well.

Standing next to my car I as I began to dial my phone I hear something through the earpiece.

Does he know someone said. That fat ass cracker don't have a clue someone else said. Look at that stupid white motherfucker another said. He don't know we're watching and listening to his dumb ass came next.

There was no one else in the parking lot or in the store except the clerk inside and those four dudes in the sub-compact at the gas pumps. No one was out pumping gas.

I looked up at the car at the pumps. Everyone was smiling, looking right at my fat dumb cracker ass.

Nice I thought. Real professionals right there man. I took the earpiece out, made a few calls. Turned off the phone and started on my way. The car was still at the pumps, no one ever got out to pump any gas. They were still staring at me.

30 seconds or so after I turned the phone off and was pulling out, I looked over and the guy on the passenger side had a smart phone up with the driver looking at it as well and one guy from the back now leaning into the front seats looking at the phone. Guy with the phone threw his hands up and the dude with the dreads was shaking his head.

Maybe I wasn't the fat dumb white-ass cracker I heard them talking about. Maybe I was.

That may not have been the first and definitely wasn't the last time I'd see some of these guys. I'd see the guy with the dred locks, who looked a lot like one of the guys talking to Camaro at Mickey D's a few years prior, on numerous occassions after that. Always messing with a cellphone (but don't most people nowadays? Not me, I generally keep the damned things turned off), creeping around in close proximity to me.

I tend to believe FatCat and AlG.

When it got to the point the cheap smart phone wouldn't work half the time, I bought a better phone and actually started using a monthly service account with a provider instead of the Tracphone pay as you go. The new smart phone was a Blade, and seemingly from the git go La Negra was all up in it.

They began to do much more than connect to it to listen and watch.....

Anyone need a ride? So then a few years later, new muscle in on the scene....


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