The experience you will read about here, all of the variations on a theme, decades in the making and displaying, which encompass and definite this "experience" is without a doubt an extreme case of abuse; abuse of many things, myself included....

Yet victims fall prey, to some or all extent. If they come looking for something and find it, whatever it is, you cannot say one is a victim.  Yet that's a black and white situation.  I didn't necessarily come looking for The Madness, but I sho' found it. The Madness, is darkest black, and to get that, you must mix ALL the colors.

The Madness is what I call, not just my lengthy experience, but the state of the world we live in today.  I also refer to it as the Age of Paranoia, or Era Of Fear. It's a direct result of many things, and to get to the gist you have to get political, and though The Madness is purely political, you must go much, much deeper than poltics to understand.

In the Age of Paranoia, The Era of Fear, The Madness is the rumblings of your true deep state. Not the one of Q nor conspiracy. Being that The Madness manifests primarily through long term actions of Governments, one can say then surely it is politics; indeed. The Madness though includes not only what is done by overseers and leaders, it is what is done, or not done, by populations of peoples under rule.

Under rule is extremely important here, as is another strong and powerful phrase but just one word:  FREEDOM.  The Madness is not about Freedom, The Madness is what happens when freedom dies, and lies, half truths, and Hand Grenades takes it's place.  Both figuratively and literally.