2013 Lyrics & Music

Studio A, Adairsville, Georgia, August 2013

2013 Todd West

TROUBLEMAKER   Aug - Sep 2013

First album I had written in a very long time where I had all the song lyrics written before the music. Writing the album was a spur of the moment thing, and just as the August heat and humidity produced rivers of sweat during the creative period, so the music on this full length was heavy, hot & sweaty punk metal. A return to form? Na, just a return from an extended vacation!


1. Rain On Your Parade
2. Diamond In The Rough
3. Never Be Here Again
4. Blown Cover
5. Vicious Sounds
6. Pills Kill
7. Oakree (appalachian boogie)
8. Do Ya Wanna
9. Aint No Drug Dealer
10. P's & Q's
11. Dope Sick
12. Dog Face

Transhuman Vol. 1

Getting back into the groove of things, I spun out this LP about Transhumanism. Since I was breaking down most of the Studio A gear in order to move, most of the demos for this album were live recorded to.....GASP!.....cassette tape! In spirit it reminded me of some of the concept stuff I wrote back in the early 80's. Man, that was so long ago! The music however, was in no way dated and represented a whole of what I'd learned over those years. I included a couple of reworked numbers from projects over the past years which I'd never been satisfied with the final results.


1. Neural Dust
2. The Singularity
3. Transhuman
4. Masked
5. Entryway
6. Shimmerstone
7. Seer's Mist
8. Protocol Of Lies
9. Nonlocality

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