2003 Lyrics & Music


Copyright 2003 Todd West


2003, we sit in our air conditioned, well-built, heated and amply supplied houses, and watch our troops hail victory over tattered third rate armies from devastated areas of the world. Though it had to be done to at least attempt to get a handle on the foreign terrorism madness, one cannot help but think of world history, and how it's lessons are being forgotten, even as new chapters are being written. This album reflects, and introspects, the North American juggernaut, and asks, are we truly free, and how is it reflected in our early 21st century nation states.


1. Empirus Roma (American)
2. Virtus
3. Veni, Vidi, Vici
4. Res Gestae
5. Stagecraft
6. Vile Potion
7. Singluar Mind (Lives Romani)
8. Half Breed
9. In hoc singno vinces
10. Decline
11. Mosaic
12. Legacy
13. Alexandria D.C.


Quasi sci-fi vision of a strange world, with a strange idea of God, suffering from a severe self-inflicted god syndrome. Sound like anywhere you know? On this one to some degree, I returned to the concept theorm developing in Pax Americana, and extended it to a whole planetary system, and what happens when a superior race, without the wild religious ideas and dogma, comes in contact. The native culture is involved in a world war where the strong government is attempting to quell any who don't follow it's religion, and the album story line reflects what happens when at the point of world destruction, the alien race steps in and takes control.


1. Peshmerga
2. Storm Seed
3. Cyber Assassin
4. Time Bomb
5. Miracle Mongrel
6. Strike Force
7. Rebel Messiah
8. Phony Psychic
9. Peace Keeper
10. Basic Tactics of Resistance (inst)
11. Lock On Target
12. Destroy
13. Sacred Ministry
14. Harmony Of Nature
15. In The Balance (inst)
16. Forever After


Rock N Roll Warriors Unite! Seven song extended length EP that is as heavy as it's name. I took the world at war conception a bit further, and instead of aliens, this time we've got the real killers controllers - HUMANS! I liked the Rebel Messiah name enough to call the new band I'm heading up in 2003 exactly that. We'll start with these songs, and as this batch of songs was finishing, I began recording some of the basic tracks on my own. Whenever the band does get together, we too, will live up to the name.


1. The Military
2. Take You Down
3. Partisan
4. Firefight
5. Highway Of Death
6. Trigger Switch
7. Killbox

SONIC PLASMA   06/2002 - 03/2003

In years past, I had worked a side project called Plasma. It was an ecclectic mix of fusion and metal, but more punk than prog. I was experimenting with subsonic radio wavelengths using some radio kits I had gotten from a friend of mine while working on this album, and it reminded me of some of the feedback experimentation with Plasma. While working out some of the arrangements, I opened the windows and let the conservative, meddling do-gooders-get-over-on-you locals hear the screaming feedback, aways after 10 at night, sometimes at 2 or 3 AM, hoping the local law on one of their regular cruise bys would stop by and start some shit, so I could get it on audio and video tape and use it for media PR. The spectrum variations I was pulling and using algorithms to parse into sound reflections were the inspiration for this complete disc of intense sonic concoctions.


1. Thinking About It
2. Explode On Me
3. Logic Gate
4. Harmonics
5. Big Banger
6. Unleash The Panzers
7. Mind Hacking
8. Dachau
9. Inertia
10. Entrancement

EIGENFACE   06/2003

Jamming out with a new killer band called SUPERCELL, the creative juices flowed, even if I was constantly having trouble with my wrist arm and shoulder caused by an uncalled for trip to the hospital a while back, I had a renewed energy to write and perform live. This album of songs I did with the band, as well as some I wrote that we didn't do, came quickly. My studies in rock n roll continued.


1. Biometrics
2. Intensity Identifier
3. Another Chance To Dream
4. Bring It Back
5. Captain Sparky
6. Gift Of Vision
7. Stop The Violence
8. Party Dog Blues
9. Retina Scan
10. Bullshit!
11. RNA (inst)

EYELESS WINDOW   06-07/2003

Supercell began to crash out, caused by too many stars in the band. I retained rights to the name, and most of the songs, though I had no problem in sharing credits, bitchin' about such petty things, at this stage, is totally unnecessary. Sharing all credits 50/50 is cool with me, but no, some superstars got to have their name and their name only on the things they contribute. Whatever. Plus, I would have preferred playing to larger local crowds, doing some nearby states, recording our music, shooting for labels and opening on a bigger band's tour, but we seemed to be unable to even play low grade club dates to hone our chops and stage act. Alas, seems I'm just playing the fool, and a hurtin' one at that. So as we prepared to do our last round of gigs, I wrapped up writing this collection of 12 tunes the first week in July.


1. Possession
2. Gathering Of Tribes
3. Hang On To Hope
4. Tip Line
5. State Sponsored Vacation
6. Tool Kit
7. Space Weather
8. 302 For You
9. Sausage Grinder
10. Hit Machine
11. Street Scene
12. Pay To Play



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