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I had started these songs originally to work into the scripts of SHORTWAVE and WEBMASTER, but I felt, and heard a different direction taking shape out of a few of these songs. Then the terror that was September 11th, 2001 happened and a dark time desended on almost everything. As I began to seperate these groups of songs and work on some of the music in early 2002 I heard a plot running, and took cues from the reaction and all these "wars" somehow we all of a sudden seem to be in, from the disasterous "drug" war to the never ending war on "terror", these songs reflect what our nation was becoming, a "Paranoid State". This album flows from song to song, from mystical landscape to intense industrial decon, it's beautiful!


1. Sacriledge
2. The State
3. Bulldog
4. Fulfillment
5. Inner Demons
6. Soul Kill
7. Spirit Calling (inst)
8. Holy Angel (acapella)
9. Spanning Chasm
10. Hammer Down
11. Law Of The Land
12. Satisfier

SEXOLOGY 3-4/2002

I experimented with encapsulated messages in the music using mathematical formulas one could apply to the song that worked to either render plain text messages or machine code by finding the actual binary hidden inside pictures in different formats, most notably jpgs. Nude pics of fine ladies were used as the test bed (might as well have something to look at, repulsive enough to help keep the noses of the snooties out of this bit-stream programming experiment). The music was mostly based on styles that time-code quantification could be applied to. Years later, I would actually get this to work. I called it cyber-coding, or cyber-cypher.


1. Sexi
2. Brute Force
3. Sextantis
4. Nature Of The Gods
5. Providentia
6. Flesh Worshiper
7. Special Forces
8. Dangerous Crowds
9. Illegality
10. Bath House Blues


With the situation in the world continuing to decline, it's hard to stay positive, and not say I told you so. As I gave up trying to digitally record Paranoid State on an ancient computer without near enough hard drive space, a new batch of songs roll out. I put together a new (and the last) version of Pit Boss, only to have it a few months later go down the crapper as it seemed no one in the band could get their shit together, except partically me, which was a real change. Some of these songs were ones I wrote for that band specifically, some of the others, a pure reflection of the state of the world.


1. Retribution
2. Israel
3. Glowdeck (inst.)
4. Psychobabble
5. Talk To Me
6. Tam Jam / Make It Tight
7. Where Have You Gone
8. Give It All Away
9. Atomic War Machine
10. Depression
11. Palestine

ANGEL OF WAR (soundtrack) 4-7/2002

Soundtrack to the motion picture script for Angel of War, originally titled War Of Angels (and the script called The Great Angelic Wars), most of the titles are extensions of music that accompany the movie. I had originally used some of the ideas for Webmaster, but they fit much better in this dark goth epic, so it doesn't surprise me at the time I had laid them aside. That, and the fact that while trying to demo them my cd burner mysteriously quit, so I lost the work-up tracks, at least until I can get another burner that uses the same software. Alot of the instrumentals are ambient, as are some of the lyrics in the numbers with words. Some though, are intense as all. It's an intense movie script, what can I say. Music released in different mixes and samples beginning in 2006.


1. Theme (instrumental)
2. Sanctify Beloved (instrumental)
3. Blessed Hope
4. Tantra
5. Wealth and Corruption
6. Heathen City
7. Babylon
8. Dream Destroyer
9. Tattooed Demoness
10. Witchcraft
11. Releasing Spirits
12. Goddess (Hand To Fist)
13. Darkening Skies
14. Flesh, Blood & Bone
15. Lion Of Judea


Big bombastic riffs, prog noodling, atmospheric soundscapes. This one came together over the first weekend in July as I was finishing writing Fallen Angel and working on the screen play. Officially, a few songs had been floating around since June, on an obscure and never realized spoken word w/ ambient music type thing I had been writing. As a concept EP dealing with humankind's exploration of mind and space, the title says it all. Trip the light fantastic !

1. Behavior Science Services (instrumental)
2. deus lo volt
3. Animal Experimentation (instrumental) /
    Not A prayer
4. Body Skin
5. Another Round
6. Brilliance
7. Ham Bone


Pure Power Punk Metal, callin' it like it is. This will piss off alot of people, and make even more stand up, take notice, and remember to think for themselves. Time to dishonor the fatal illusion. The album is anti-politics and prefaces the tightening control such entities would have in thd coming decades.

1. Atomic Love
2. Sonic Coalition
3. Known In Numbers (instrumental)br> 4. Special Prosecutor
5. Lie With The Beast
6. Mr. Govenment
7. Hellfire & Bisquits
8. Peephole In The Wall
9. Fatcat Politics
10. Sacrifice Yourself
11. Datacore
12. Agents Of Abuse
13. Goin' Down In Flames
14. Informat Diplomat


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