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HEMPSTERS follows seven activists as they fight to legalize industrial hemp in the United States. The plant is used in over 30 countries and is widely known to have numerous environmental benefits, including: less reliance on oil, more efficient use of energy, forest conservation, soil redemption and landfill use reduction. Over 25,000 products can be manufactured using industrial hemp. This is not an alternative, but the solution!

Featured in the film is award-winning actor and well-known hemp and environmental activist, Woody Harrelson, who challenged Kentucky State law when he planted four feral hemp seeds in 1996. His subsequent trial and acquittal brought the issue to the forefront of mainstream media more than ten years ago, but the fight continues on. Other activists featured are: Willie Nelson, Ralph Nader, Merle Haggard, Gatewood Galbraith, Stephan Jenkins and Julia Butterfly Hill.

HEMPSTERS is a thought-provoking and compelling documentary that will not only encourage all of us to take action, but move us one step closer towards a more sustainable planet.

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